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Current game stage: 1
Concrete Bridge
Concrete Bridge.png
In-game Screenshot of a Concrete Bridge.
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Category Point of Interest
Biome %Items without a group

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation No


Ansel Adams River Sign

Concrete Bridge is the most sturdy bridge the Navezgane Park and passes over the Ansel Adam River in a location where two Biomes meet. This bridge is complete and extremely sturdy. There is only one Concrete Bridge in Navezgane. There is also no Broken version of this Concrete Bridge.

Concrete Bridge is safe to walk across and poses no threat to safety as this Concrete Bridge is not very high and there is water below. There may be Zombies lying dormant waiting for Survivors to walk across it.

Locations in Navezgane[]

There are 10 Wooden Bridges

  • 688 N, 756 E
  • 763 N, 661 E
  • 180 N, 816 E
  • 712 N, 494 E
  • 890 N, 92 W
  • 1502 N, 1759 W
  • 939 N, 1486 W
  • 227 N, 1456 W
  • 514 S, 1308 W
  • 1130 S, 1193 W

Two Asphalt Bridges

  • 333 S, 836 E
  • 1659 S, 1154 W

A Broken Asphalt Bridges

  • 1740 S, 597 E

And a Concrete Bridge

  • 1066 N, 238 W

Map bridge.jpg


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