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7 Days to Die for PS4 and Xbox One is a console port from the Alpha 15 PC version of the game. Even though the game has not received updates, it is still enjoyable solo or with a group of friends. The Console edition of the game has split screen for local multiplayer for 2 players. Updates to the Xbox and PS4 versions of the game have been delayed for years due to Telltale games going bankrupt and being unable to fulfill their obligation to the console players.

Regarding future updates for the Console edition, it has been officially announced that there is work being made to the console edition as said in a September 2022 tweet by the Developers. Also stated that there will be no console update now. You will be required to buy a new game. Fun pimps stated that they may give a discount to owners of 7 days to die since they did a prerelease of the game on the fact that they were going to update but loed just for more money.

Notable differences:

  • No dedicated servers
  • Multiplayer limited to 4
  • Local play limited to 2
  • Skill system is limited
  • Less structures
  • Less zombie types
  • Map generation is somehow worse
  • Zombies hardly spawn inside Points of Interest

Current version 21.0

Wiki for Console[ | ]

Currently, an effort to create Wiki pages related to the Console edition has been started and players can create an account and assist and offer any knowledge toward this endeavor. The alternate page can be found here: 7 Days to Die Wiki Console. in order to see the info already categorized see the Category drop down on this page and click on Console Platform to see the full list. Add any relevant page by clicking the dropdown and clicking Add and type in Console Platform and click Save.

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