7 Days to Die Wiki

7 Days to Die for PS4 and Xbox One is a console port from the PC version and is less updated but still enjoyable with a group. These versions on 7 Days to Die are stuck at approximately Alpha 16 and do not receive any updates due to Telltale games going defunct and being unable to continue updates on the console versions.

Notable differences: -No dedicated servers -Multiplayer limited to 4 -No electricity -Skill system is limited -Less structures -Less zombie types -Map generation is somehow worse

Current version 1.18

7 Days to Die on PS4 is soon to be discontinued according to The Fun Pimps.(As Of Right Now). TFP did mention a full port to PS5 and the new Xbox series once the PC version of the game is complete, as well as hopefully adding a back port to the PS4 and Xbox one, and last but not least, dedicated servers as well as cross play hopefully in the near future. Till Now, TFP has Launched A20 For Streamers and is currently live as of now. [1]