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Description[ | ]

The Continue Game screen is accessed by clicking on the continue game tab on the main screen. this is where the player is able select the a save file to load and play. This screen also contains the Game Settings tab which are located in the center of the screen, to the right of the screen is the information panel that shows the relevant information for the current tab selected. Along the bottom there are three more tabs which will allow the player to exit back to the main menu, reset all game settings to default or start the game.

Load Game Tab[ | ]

This replaces the game mode option found when starting a new game with a list of any saved games the player may have. Clicking on the desired save and the clicking the Start tab will load the selected saved game.

Game Settings Tabs[ | ]

These tabs are used to control many various settings relating all sort of adjustable game variables, for a much more detailed explain with more specific information on each option see the Game Settings Page.

Bottom Tabs[ | ]

Along the bottom of the screen there are three tabs with one to left, one central and one to the right. These tabs do not have any options and are used by simply clicking on them, their actions are as follows.

  • Back
This tab is used to navigate back to the main menu.
  • Restore Mode Defaults
This tab is used to reset all Game Settings back to their default state.
  • Start
this tab is used to start the game, clicking on it will close the Continue Game screen and start the loading process.

Images[ | ]


The Continue Game screen showing the game save files to the left.