“A cooking utensil used in the campfire to unlock recipes.”


The Cooking Grill is an implement used in the Campfire. Once this item has been added to the Campfire, players will gain access to additional cooking recipes.

This item can be found from scavenging or crafted at the Forge with an Anvil.


The Cooking Grill is crafted at a Forge.png Forge with an Anvil.png Anvil, and the following materials:


The Cooking Grill is used for the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
BakedPotato.png Baked Potato Potato.png 1x Potato Campfire w/Cooking Grill
GrilledMeat.png Grilled Meat RawMeat.png 2x Raw Meat Campfire w/Cooking Grill
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