7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

Cookware are Containers that are used with a Campfire to cook Food, drink , and some medicines like Antibiotics. Place the selected cookware into the Cookware Slot of a Campfire. This will then open the four center slots, allowing the ingredients for the chosen recipe to be placed into the Campfire. All of these items are loot able and can be found in most loot containers. The Cooking Pot and Cooking Grill are also craft-able.

Cookware items[ | ]

The list below gives a brief overview of the different types of cookware available for use by the player.

Cooking Grill[ | ]

A relatively simple utensil used to cook food of the Grilled type. Grilled food smells less than charred food and is less of an attractant to Zombies. However, it should be noted that there are only a handful of recipes available to the player when using a Cooking Grill. One of the best foods in the game, Bacon and Eggs, are made with the Cooking Grill though. Bacon and Eggs are made with the Cooking Grill] and Raw Meat and Eggs as the ingredients. It restores a good amount of your food bar and doesn't smell like other meats (cooked or not), so it doesn't attract Zombies.

Cooking Pot[ | ]

A very useful utensil used to cook food of the Boiled type. This is the most versatile piece of cookware currently available. A Cooking Pot will allow the player to cook many useful recipes in addition to boiling Murky Water to produce the purer and much safer Water. It will be your main cooking tool in the game. You'll want to find this early as possible to start making foods that you can raise your Wellness with like Goldenrod Tea, Red Tea, Blueberry Pie, and other Wellness giving foods.

Beaker[ | ]

A specialized piece of cookware used to produce Chemicals and Medicines. This also has only a handful of recipes that make use of it; all are of a chemical nature. It should be considered valuable to the player, taking into account that a Beaker is used to produce a lot of the end game things needed to survive. Antibiotics (which cures infection), and Grain Alcohol (also used for Gas Can and the Stamina buff it gives when drank) are all recipes that need the Beaker to be able to craft.