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Countrytown Business 9
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Category Point of Interest


Game Worlds

Navezgane No
Random World Generation

Description[ | ]

Countrytown Business 9 or countrytown_business_09 is a Point of Interest that contains 2 locations. This Point of Interest does not generate in Navezgane.

From left to right they are:

4Ever Video[ | ]


The building on the left side says 4EVER VIDEO and also has a sign with the name as well and on the opposite side it reads FOR LEASE. A short distance away from that sign is a billboard that is an advertisement for Cell Phones. Inside are empty shelves and any videos that were here have been looted and all that remains are the other containers.

Police[ | ]


On top of the building it says Police. Its a rather small police department but is most likely a modest local P.D. with limited space. Small crowded and tiny rooms make up this Police location. It also has a trailer on the exterior of the Police area.

Location in Random World Generation[ | ]


There are 14 different types of Countrytown Businesses but 11 & 12 are not in the game files.

Prefab Size Biome Locations in Navezgane RWG Loot Containers
countrytown_business_01 Medium Wasteland 1790 W, 2207 S
countrytown_business_02 Small Snowy Forest 482 W, 1854 N
countrytown_business_03 Large Forest 771 W, 895 N
countrytown_business_04 Medium Forest 737 W, 946 N -
countrytown_business_05 Medium Snowy Forest 227 W, 1277 N -
countrytown_business_07 small Desert 1678 E, 1719 S -
countrytown_business_08 small - N/A -
countrytown_business_09 large - N/A -
countrytown_business_13 medium - N/A -
countrytown_business_14 small - N/A -

Images[ | ]