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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

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Item Category Required Materials Workstation Unlocked Through
Bed01.png An Old Bed Placeable
Beveragecooler.png Beverage Cooler Placeable Workbench
Bicycle.png Bicycle Vehicle Workbench Grease Monkey level 1
CntCabinetFiller.png Cabinet Placeable
CntCabinetTop.png Cabinet Top Placeable
Candle.png Candle Placeable
CntCooler.png Cooler Placeable Workbench
DeskSafe.png Desk Safe Placeable Workbench
EndTableLamp.png End Table Lamp Placeable Workbench
Flashlight02.png Flashlight Weapon Workbench
ForestGround.png Forest Ground Building Material
Forge.png Forge Placeable Advanced Engineering lvl 1
FridgeBottom.png Fridge Bottom Placeable Workbench
OilBarrel.png Gas Barrel Placeable
GeneratorBank.png Generator Bank Device Workbench Advanced Engineering lvl 3
GlassBusinessCTRSheet.png Glass Block Building Material Forge
Glass.png Glass Pane Building Material Forge
Grass.png Grass Building Material
Gravel.png Gravel Building Material
Cement Mixer
GyrocopterPlaceable.png Gyrocopter Vehicle Workbench
GlassIndustrial02CTRPlate.png Industrial Glass 2 Centered Building Material Forge
GlassIndustrial.png Industrial Glass Centered Building Material Forge
Desk02.png Iron Desk Placeable
Jack-o-lantern.png Jack-o-lantern Placeable
Bed02.png King Sized Bed Placeable
LeatherCouchCorner.png Leather Couch Placeable Table Saw
Lockers.png Lockers Placeable Workbench
LogCabin.png Log Cabin Wood Building Material
MetalSignLetter a.png Metal Sign Placeable
Minibike.png Minibike Vehicle Workbench Grease Monkey level 2
MotorcyclePlaceable.png Motorcycle Vehicle Workbench Grease Monkey level 3
Nightstand.png Night Stand Placeable
OfficeChair01.png Office Chair Placeable
Chair01.png Old Chair Placeable
SectionalCorner.png Old Couch Placeable
ForestGround.png Plains Ground Building Material
Plant02.png Potted Plant Placeable
RailingOldWood.png RailingOldWood Building Material
RedWoodTable.png Red Wood Table Placeable
FridgeTop.png Refrigerator Top Placeable Workbench
ReinforcedMetalSiding.png Reinforced Metal Siding Building Material
RedWoodPillar.png Richwood Pillar Placeable
Sand.png Sand Building Material
Cement Mixer
Sandbags.png Sandbags Building Material
ScrapIronTable.png Scrap Iron Table Placeable Workbench
Snow.png Snow Building Material
Sod.png Sod Building Material
Stone.png Stone Building Material Cement Mixer
AmmoBox.png Storage Generic Placeable
Super corn.png Super Corn Plant Flora
Chemistry Station
TV.png TV Placeable Workbench
TV.png TV Large, Left Placeable Workbench
TV.png TV Large, Right Placeable Workbench
Toilet01.png Toilet Placeable
Torch.png Torch Placeable, Weapon
VentDuctBlock.png Vent Duct Placeable
WallSafe.png Wall Safe Placeable Workbench
WhitePicketFence.png White Picket Fence Building Material
WoodFenceOldFarm.png Wood Farm Fence Building Material
WoodTable.png Wood Table Placeable Workbench
OldChair.png Wooden Chair Placeable
Desk01.png Wooden Desk Placeable
WedgeCabinShingles.png Wooden Shingles (Wedge) Building Material
CornerFullWedgeShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Corner Building Material
PyramidShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Pyramid Building Material
PlayerSignWood1x1.png Wooden Sign Placeable

Storagebox.png Wooden Storage Placeable
WroughtIronFenceSheet.png Wrought Iron Fence Building Material Forge