7 Days to Die Wiki
Item Group Required Items Workstation Unlocking Schematic Unlocking Skill
Bellows.png Advanced Bellows Tools/Traps Schematic
Auger.png Auger Tools/Traps Workbench Schematic
BarbedFence.png Barbed Fence Wire Tools/Traps
BladeTrap.png Blade Trap Tools/Traps Workbench Advanced Engineering
Bucket.png Bucket Tools/Traps
Chainsaw.png Chainsaw Tools/Traps Workbench Schematic
Clawhammer.png Claw Hammer Tools/Traps Miner 69er
MineCookingPot.png Cooking Pot Mine Tools/Traps Workbench Demolitions Expert
DartTrap.png Dart Trap Tools/Traps Workbench Advanced Engineering
ElectricFencePost.png Electric Fence Post Tools/Traps, Science Workbench Schematic Advanced Engineering
MineHubcap.png Hub Cap Land Mine Demolitions Expert, Tools/Traps Workbench Demolitions Expert
MeleeToolSalvageT3ImpactDriver.png Impact Driver Tools/Traps Workbench Schematic
Fireaxe.png Iron Fireaxe Tools/Traps Miner 69er
PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe Tools/Traps Miner 69er
Shovel.png Iron Shovel Tools/Traps Miner 69er
[[File:|30px|link=Iron Spikes]] Iron Spikes Tools/Traps
Lockpick.png Lockpick Tools/Traps Workbench The Great Heist Complete Lock Picking
Nailgun.png Nailgun Tools/Traps Workbench Advanced Engineering
Paintbrush.png Paint Brush Tools/Traps
Ratchet.png Ratchet Tools/Traps Workbench Schematic
AutoTurret.png SMG Auto Turret Science, Tools/Traps Workbench Advanced Engineering
ShotgunTurret.png Shotgun Auto Turret Science, Tools/Traps Workbench Advanced Engineering
Axesteel.png Steel Axe Tools/Traps Schematic
PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe Tools/Traps Schematic
Steel Shovel.png Steel Shovel Tools/Traps Schematic
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe Tools/Traps
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel Tools/Traps
MineCandyTin.png Tin Land Mine Tools/Traps
WireTool.png Wire Tool Science, Tools/Traps Workbench
TrapSpikes01.png Wood Spikes Tools/Traps
Wrench.png Wrench Tools/Traps Schematic Salvage Operations