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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This feature was removed and exists only in previous versions of 7 Days to Die.

7DTD CraftingTab

The Crafting Tab, showing crafting options as diplayed in the Tab Panel.

Overview[ | ]

In A13, the crafting tab was significantly changed not only in appearance, but in functionality as well. The new Crafting Window crafting menu replaces the old crafting tab. The two pages should be merged as much as possible.

The Crafting Tab is a tab accessible on the Inventory screen and can be selected using the tab selector at the top of the screen. Clicking on the Crafting Tab will diplay the crafting tab options in the Tab Panel. It is divided into three sections.

  • Left Section - Recipe List.
  • Middle Section - 5x5 Crafting Grid.
  • Right Section - 1x1 Output Slot.

Crafting Grid[ | ]

Items are placed into the Crafting Grid following a given recipe to craft items that can be used in the game. If the correct items are present in the correct places the corresponding item can be crafted. Some items can be scrapped to recover scrap metal, this is done by placing a metal source item into the center of the crafting grid and crafting it into scrap metal, The items base metal will determine the type of scrap it will produce.

Output Slot[ | ]

This is where the results of crafting are shown when items are placed into the Crafting Grid. The Output Slot will also display the time required to craft the relevant number of items, the item itself is displayed as a shadow icon. Clicking on the craft button will start the crafting process and if more than one item is crafted the finished items will stack up in Output Slot. Completed items can be picked up and placed into the Inventory Grid or Toolbelt. Items like firearms and Ammo can be placed into the Output Slot to break them down into parts.

Recipe List[ | ]

The Recipe List shows all recipes that can be crafted by the player, it lists all the recipes that are currently available in the game and some may be available to craft while others may not. The status of a recipe is determined by a color code. This does not include recipes learned from a Recipe Book, these are added to the list as they are unlocked.

Color Coding[ | ]

The Recipe List is color coded to indicate the status of a particular recipe, the section below details the color code used.

Green Recipe[ | ]

  • Recipes in green indicate that this a recipe that you have already crafted and you are currently holding all the required items to craft it again. Clicking on the recipe will put all necessary items in the correct slots of the Crafting Grid. Clicking again on the same recipe will queue items ready for crafting. If you hold down the SHIFT key while left clicking on the recipe it will allow you to craft the maximum amount of items possible from the items you are currently holding.

Dark Green Recipe[ | ]

  • Recipes in dark green indicate that the recipe is known, but you are not carrying all or any of the required items to craft it

Yellow Recipe[ | ]

  • Recipes in yellow indicate that the recipe has not been crafted before, but you are carrying the right items to craft it. Clicking on the recipe will provide a pattern in which to place the items, this will show shadow icons of where to put the items and they will need to placed into the Crafting Grid manually.

Dark Yellow Recipe[ | ]

  • Recipes in dark yellow indicate that the recipe is unknown, clicking on these recipes will show you how to craft the item using shadow icons, from this you can work out the items you will require to craft it.