“A crossbow does more damage than a wooden bow. Good for hunting and not making noise. Hold reload to use alternate ammo.”


The Crossbow is a medium to long ranged weapon. This weapon can be load with Stone Crossbow BoltsIron Crossbow Bolts, Steel Crossbow Bolts, or Exploding Crossbow Bolts. The Crossbow's damage is based on the type of ammunition loaded. See the table on the right for a comparison of the three types of ammunition.


A Crossbow can be made with the necessary items at a Workbench once Level 1 in Advanced Engineering (Perk) has been attained.

ForgedIron.png Forged Iron x20
After attaining Level 1 Advanced Engineering (Perk)
Leather.png Leather x2
Mechanical Parts.png
Mechanical Parts x10
Duct Tape x10
Wood x20
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