The Decayed Sedan is a wrecked car that can be found almost everywhere the player explores. This can be broken down with certain tools in order to gain extra resources. With standard attacks will only yield fuels and sparsely metal. When using a wrench, the player can gain more metal scrap, headlights, mechanical parts, electronic parts, batteries, engines. If wishing to destroy these cars with a firearm, extreme caution must be taken as firing at the car will cause it to explode. The explosion has a 3x3 radius and will kill the player and zombies in one hit if too close regardless of how must wellness they have.

Condition types

There are 3 different condition types that these cars can be found in. fully intact, damaged, and bare metal frame. The intact ones if using a wrench on it has a chance to give engines and batteries. The damaged has a chance to give parts and headlights. And the frame will only give metal and fuel.

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