7 Days to Die Wiki

List of Decor/Miscellaneous[]

Item Obtained through
CntATMSecure.png ATM
CntTrashPile04.png Abandoned Rubbish
PlantAloe.png Aloe Vera Plant
CntAmbulanceTruck01.png Ambulance
CntAmmoPileSmall.png Ammo Pile
Bed01.png An Old Bed Crafting, Trading
AnimalGore.png Animal Gore
CntChest02.png Apache Artifact Chest
CntmunitionsBoxArmy.png Army Munitions Box
CntArmyTruckOpen.png Army Truck
CntBathTubGore.png Bathtub
Bedrock.png Bedrock
CntBeerCooler.png Beverage Cooler
Bicycle.png Bicycle Crafting, Looting, Trading
BirchTree.png Birch tree
Birdnest.png Bird Nest
WinterPine13m.png Blue Spruce Tree
Blueberry.png Blueberry Plant
BoardedWindows.png Boarded Windows
CntBookPile01.png Book Pile
CntBookShelfDoubleTopFull01.png Book Shelf
Bookcase.png Bookcase
Boulder.png Boulder
BrownGrass.png Brown Grass
BunkBedMade.png Bunk Bed
BurntForestGround.png Burnt Forest Ground
BurntTree.png Burnt tree
Candle.png Candle Crafting, Looting
CardboardBox.png Cardboard Box
CashRegister.png Cash Register
CntCasketModernClosedTan.png Casket
CntCharcoalGrillClosed.png Charcoal Grill
CntChemPileSmall.png Chemistry Set
PlantChrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum Plant
CinderBlocks01.png Cinder Blocks
CntClothesPileFloor01.png Clothes Pile
CntClothesRackWallTShirts.png Clothes Rack
CntClothesShelfStackShirts01.png Clothes Shelf
CoalOre.png Coal Ore
Web.png Cob Web
Cobweb.png Cobweb
CntCoffeeMaker.png Coffee Maker
CoffeeBeanPlant1.png Coffee Plant
Coffin.png Coffin
ConcreteBlock.png Concrete Bricks
Conduit01.png Conduit01
CntShippingCrateHero.png Construction Crate
ControlPanelBase01.png Control Panel
CntCooler.png Cooler
PlantedCorn3Harvest.png Corn Plant
CottonPlant.png Cotton Plant
CrackABookCrate.png Crack-A-Book Crate
CntCupboardCabinetOldTopLootHelper.png Cupboard
DeadPineLeaf.png Dead Pine Leaf
SandStone.png Desert Ground
DesertShrubScreenshot.png Desert Shrub
CntDeskSafe.png Desk Safe
BatteryBank.png Destroyed Battery Bank
CementMixer.png Destroyed Cement Mixer
ChemistryStation.png Destroyed Chemistry Station
Forge.png Destroyed Forge
GeneratorBank.png Destroyed Generator Bank
DestroyedStone.png Destroyed Stone
Workbench.png Destroyed Workbench
Dirt.png Dirt
CntDomedTrashCanFull.png Domed Trash Can
Driftwood.png Driftwood
CntDuffle01.png Duffle Bag
CntDumpster.png Dumpster
CntStoreShelfElectronicsDoubleBottomGoods01.png Electronic Store Shelf
EndTableLamp.png End Table Lamp
CntGunRackSmallMagazines.png Equipment Rack
FileCabinet.png File Cabinet
Flashlight02.png Flashlight Crafting, Looting, Trading
Garbage decor1.png Floor Garbage
CntFoodPileSmall.png Food Pile
ForestGround.png Forest Ground
Forge.png Forge Crafting, Looting, Trading
ThinMetalPlate.png Forging Iron
CntTrashPile08.png Foul Trash
Fountain.png Fountain Trading
CntFreezerGroceriesMiddleFullClosed.png Freezer
CornerFullWedgeAwning1.png Full Corner Awning Wedge 1
FurnaceDrawer.png Furnace
Fusebox.png Fusebox
CardboardBox.png Garage Storage
CntTrashPile07.png Garbage Pile
CntModularClosetClosed.png Garment Bag
CntGasGrillClosed.png Gas Grill
CntGasPumpFull.png Gas Pump
GeneratorBank.png Generator Bank Crafting, Looting, Trading
GlassBusinessCTRSheet.png Glass Block
Glass.png Glass Pane
GoldenrodFlower.png Goldenrod Plant
GoreBlock1Prefab.png Gore
Grass.png Grass
Gravel.png Gravel
CntGunRackLargeGuns01.png Gun Rack
GyrocopterPlaceable.png Gyrocopter Crafting, Looting, Trading
CntHardenedChestSecure.png Hardened Chest
CntShippingCrateHero.png Hidden Stash
HollowTreeStump.png Hollow Tree Stump
HopsFlower.png Hop Plant
Household Faucet.png Household Faucet
Faucet04.png Household Faucet (bath)
Faucet02.png Household Faucet (kitchen)
Household faucet2.png Household Faucet 2
GlassIndustrial02CTRPlate.png Industrial Glass 2 Centered
GlassIndustrial.png Industrial Glass Centered
CntMetalDesk02RandomLootHelper.png Iron Desk
IronOre.png Iron Ore
Jack-o-lantern.png Jack-o-lantern Crafting
CntJanitorCartFull.png Janitor Cart
Bed02.png King Size Bed
Bed02.png King Sized Bed
CntLaundryBasketVer2Full.png Laundry Basket
LeadOre.png Lead Ore
SectionalLeatherCouchSofaMiddle.png Leather Couch
LeatherCouchSofa2.png Leather Sofa
LeatherChairCouchSofa2.png Leather Sofa Chair
CntLootChestHeroInsecureT2.png Leather Trunk
CntLockersShortClosed.png Lockers
LogCabin.png Log Cabin Wood
CntLuggageBigClosed.png Luggage
CntMailBox01White.png Mail Box
CntPostMailbox.png Mail Drop Box
Mattress.png Mattress
CntPillCaseClosed.png Medical Cabinet
CntMedicLootPileA.png Medical Supplies
MedicineCabinet.png Medicine Cabinet
CntStoreShelfSingleBottomEmpty.png Metal Furniture
MetalSignLetter a.png Metal Sign Crafting
CntMicrowaveOvenVer1Open.png Microwave
Minibike.png Minibike Crafting, Looting, Trading
CntShippingCrateMoPowerElectronics.png Mo Power Crate
CntServiceTruckMoPower.png Mo Power Service Truck
CouchModernSection.png Modern Couch
CntBackpack03.png Moldy Backpack
MorticianDrawer.png Mortician's Drawer
MotorcyclePlaceable.png Motorcycle Crafting, Looting, Trading
CntTrashPile03.png Mound of Garbage
CntChest02.png Mountain Man Chest
MushroomPlant.png Mushroom Clump
CntNightstandClosed.png Night Stand
OakTree.png Oak Tree
OfficeChair01.png Office Chair
Chair01.png Old Chair
SectionalPlaidCouchSofaMiddle.png Old Couch
CntStoveOldVer1Closed.png Old Stove
CntTrashPile09.png Old Trash
CntStoveModernVer1Closed.png Oven
Pass-N-GasCrate.png Pass-N-Gas Crate
CntStoreShelfSingleBottomPharmaGoods01.png Pharma Shelf
CntTrashPile02.png Pile of Garbage
CntBarrelPlasticSingle00.png Plastic Barrel
Pop-N-PillsCrate.png Pop-N-Pills Crate
PotassiumNitrate.png Potassium Nitrate
PotatoPlant.png Potato Plant
Plant02.png Potted Plant Crafting, Looting
PricklyPear.png Prickly Pear
CntStoreProduceBasketApples1.png Produce Basket
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Plant
CntPurse01.png Purse
StairsQuarterFilledWood.png Quarter Filled Stairs
RailingOldWood.png RailingOldWood
CntRetroFridgeVer1Closed.png Refrigerator
CntLootChestHero.png Reinforced Chest
ReinforcedMetalSiding.png Reinforced Metal Siding
Rock01.png Rocks
CntRollingToolBoxClosed.png Rolling Toolbox
SportsBag01.png Rotting Sports Bag
CntTrashPile05.png Rotting Trash
Rug01.png Rug
CntBarrelGasOld.png Rusty Barrel
Saguaro.png Saguaro
Sand.png Sand
Sandbags.png Sandbags
CntShippingCrateSavageCountry.png Savage Country Crate
CntBusSchool.png School Bus
ScrapIronTable.png Scrap Iron Table
ScrapMetalBlock.png Scrap Metal Pile
CntCar03SedanDamage0Master.png Sedan
ShamwayCrate.png Shamway Crate
CntDeskSafe.png Shamway Lab Safe
CntShoesPileSneakers.png Shoes Pile
CntShoppingBasket.png Shopping Basket
CntShoppingCart.png Shopping Cart
ShotgunMessiahCrate.png Shotgun Messiah Crate
Sink.png Sink
PedestalSink.png Sinks and Toilets
Bin.png Small Trash Bin
Snow.png Snow
Snowberry3Harvest.png Snowberry Plant
Sod.png Sod
CntSodaFountain.png Soda Fountain
CouchSofa01.png Sofa
ChairCouchSofa01.png Sofa Chair
SolarBank.png Solar Bank Trading
CntTrashPile06.png Spoiled Trash
Stone.png Stone
CntStoreShelfDoubleBottomFood01.png Store Shelf
CntSuitcase.png Suitcase
Super corn.png Super Corn Plant
TV.png TV
TV.png TV Large, Left
TV.png TV Large, Right
BrownGrass.png Tall Grass
CntTiltTruckFull.png Tilt Truck
CntToilet01.png Toilet
CntToolBoxClosed.png Toolbox
Torch.png Torch
CntTrash can01.png Trash Can
CntTrashCompactor.png Trash Compactor
CntTrashPile01.png Trash Pile
TreeStump.png Tree Stump
CntUtilityCartFull.png Utility Cart
VendingMachine.png Vending Machines Trading
VentDuctBlock.png Vent Duct
CntWallOven.png Wall Oven
CntWallSafe.png Wall Safe
Water.png Water
CntWaterCoolerFull.png Water Cooler
WaterCoolerJug.png Water Cooler Bottle
CntBackpack01.png Weathered Backpack
SportsBag02.png Weathered Sports Bag
WhitePicketFence.png White Picket Fence
CntLootChestHeroInsecureT1.png Wood Crate
WoodFenceOldFarm.png Wood Farm Fence
CntNightstandOpen.png Wood Furniture
TrunkPine.png Wood Log
WoodTable.png Wood Table
WoodDebris.png WoodDebris
OldChair.png Wooden Chair
StorageChest.png Wooden Chest
Desk01.png Wooden Desk
WedgeCabinShingles.png Wooden Shingles (Wedge)
CornerFullWedgeShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Corner
PyramidShinglesWood.png Wooden Shingles Pyramid
PlayerSignWood1x1.png Wooden Sign
Storagebox.png Wooden Storage
CntServiceTruckWorkingStiffTools.png Working Stiff Tools Work Truck
WorkingStiffCrate.png Working Stiffs Crate
CntStorageGenericSigned.png Writable Storage Box
WroughtIronFenceSheet.png Wrought Iron Fence
PlantYucca.png Yucca Plant