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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal
Loot Container
Location Blood Moon hordes and Cities


HP (Normal) 1000
HP (Feral) N/A
HP (Radiated) N/A
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage 20
Block Damage
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

The Demolisher Zombie is a heavily armored military zombie. It appears in late-game Blood Moon hordes and rarely in downtown areas of Cities in Snowy Forest, Desert, or Wasteland. They don't spawn in Forest cities. Wasteland cities have more frequent spawns compared to other biomes.

The Demolisher Zombie is easily recognizable by its large size and the green explosive charge on its chest. It excels in stomping spikes and exploding, causing massive damage to blocks and entities.

The Demolisher zombie deals 20 damage to entities and 500 damage to blocks. If it explodes, the explosion deals up to 800 damage to entities and 5000 to blocks within a 5-block-radius. All entities within a 6-block-radius are affected by the explosion.

If the Demolisher's explosive charge is hit directly, the light changes from green to red, emitting X beeps until detonation. The Demolisher can be killed without exploding if hit anywhere else except the explosive charge. The charge won't explode if hit after the Demolisher is dead or if the Demolisher is killed after being hit but before it explodes.

In addition, it has a very high armor rating of 60, meaning any physical damage it takes is reduced by 60%. Therefore, it is recommended to use armor-piercing (AP) ammunition, effectively reducing his armor rating to 30 (without the addition of perks and skill books).

As of Alpha 19, the Demolisher buttons can NOT be set off by blade traps when set to head level.

Video Tutorials[ | ]

Cover of the Demolition Zombie (aka Demolisher).

Notes[ | ]

  • The Demolisher does not have a Feral or Irradiated version (as of Alpha 19.3).
  • The Demolisher will begin to appear after reaching a Game Stage of 147.

History[ | ]


Older version of the Demolisher