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An entrance of Diersville
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Description[ | ]

Diersville is a densely populated suburb in the North-East quadrant of Navezgane. The other city biomes are Gravestown and Perishton. In Diersville the zombies seem to respawn instantly or almost instantly, so you can't clean up the town for zombies and loot it afterwards. You will have to sneak, barricade yourself or use other tactics if you want to loot all the buildings. Many houses in Diersville have extensive basements, which are easy to get cornered in. Caution advised.

Diersville contains many houses, in neat rows and in good condition. The only other building is a large Hospital, which cannot be found anywhere else on the map. Like Gravestown, it contains almost endless loot, but survivors must contend with or evade huge numbers of the undead.

Items[ | ]

  • Many storage containers, both inside the houses and laying about the yards.
  • Many 2-story houses with attics and/or basements, the basements sometimes housing gun safes.
  • May find some mining helmets looting the buildings.
  • Likely to find cans of food, bottles of water, potato seeds, painkillers, shotguns, shotgun shells, pistols, 9mm bullets, sub-machine guns, and 10mm bullets.
  • Hospital has drink coolers with bottles of water, and dispensary areas with drugs, bandages, splints and a great chance to find a beaker.
  • Small engines can be easily extracted from the abandoned vehicles.
  • May find Auger and/or Chainsaw.
  • May find a lot of zombies!
  • A short walk to the North-West is a massive corn farm with surrounding buildings for a quick and plentiful supply of food

Notes[ | ]

  • If one wishes to stay overnight in Diersville, an attic may be a good hideout if the survivor keeps quiet. However, making a permanent camp in its direct vicinity is ill-advised, since the player will constantly have to contend with attracted Zombies.
  • Be careful with the Zombie dogs, they respawn instantly sometimes (mostly near the hospital), if you see two or more of them in a pack, run and get cover, unless you want to waste your ammo.

Streets[ | ]

The following streets enter Diersville.

  • Maple Rd runs from east to west through the center of town.
  • Coronado Rd travels from the center north of the town and then continues west through the farm and ends at the northern border of the map.
  • Courtland St travels from the center south of the town and then continues west though to Gravestown and on to the western edge of the map.

Location[ | ]

Diersville Map

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