Dire Wolves are wild animals commonly found in the Forest, Plains and Snowy Forest biomes. Dire wolves are hostile and will try to chase the player if provoked or spots the player. Dire wolves are much faster than the player and catch them, so it is advised to take them down as fast as you can before they can reach you, or get to high ground like a car as they cannot climb it. Dire Wolves stand out to their normal counter parts as they have a very dark coat and are much larger than a normal Wolf and are much rarer to find. They can also appear in wolf hordes because their coat is very dark they are much easier to see during the day than the night.

Dire wolves will not drop any loot upon being killed buy can be harvested for Raw Meat, Animal Hide, Animal Fat and Large Bones.

It is recommended to use a Bone Shiv, Hunting Knife, or Machete when harvesting because it will provide the player with more resources than any other tool or weapon.

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