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  • Dismemberment allows the player to dismember zombies and most animals by doing damage to their limbs and head.


  • Dismembering a certain body part has different effects on zombies:
    • Dismembering an arm will reduce the damage and stun chances of a zombie.
    • Dismembering legs will force the zombie to crawl on the ground.
    • Dismembering the head will result in an instant kill.


  • Some animals can not be dismembered, notably Rattlesnakes and Zombie Vultures.
  • Oddly, Zombies can still climb ladders when they're missing a leg.
  • Zombies can still attack you while both of their arms are taken off. (They appear to bite you.)
    • Similarly, zombies can somehow still crawl with no legs or arms, despite that not logically being possible.
      • This could be an oversight, or simply something the developers thought was so specific and difficult to cause, that it wouldn't matter whether they made any changes to it.
  • It is unknown what dismembering the leg of an animal does. If anyone can test this, it would be appreciated.