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Description[ | ]

  • Dismemberment allows the player to dismember zombies and most animals by doing damage to their limbs and head.
  • As of Alpha 20, dismemberment has new mechanics.
    • Visual damage to zombies depends on what kind of weapon they were dismembered with. Bladed weapons can cleanly chop off zombie's limbs, while heavy blunt weapons can cave them in. Limbs detached with blades can be seen falling to the ground, and are pushable by walking into them. This is not yet implemented on every zombie, nor every weapon, as of the A20 official release.
    • Some zombies, mainly the Reanimated Corpse, can sometimes have their brain exposed upon a blunt weapon attack.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Dismembering a certain body part has different effects on zombies:
    • Dismembering an arm will reduce the damage and stun chances of a zombie.
    • Dismembering legs will force the zombie to crawl on the ground.
    • Dismembering the head will result in an instant kill.

Notes[ | ]

  • Some animals can not be dismembered, notably Rattlesnakes and Zombie Vultures.
  • Zombies seem to no longer pathfind to the player on Blood Moons if reduced to a crawler via dismemberment, they will simply crawl around below the player if they are standing high up, such as on a wall.
  • Zombies can still attack you while both of their arms are taken off. (They appear to bite you.)
    • Similarly, zombies can somehow still crawl with no legs or arms, despite that not logically being possible.
      • This could be an oversight, or simply something the developers thought was so specific and difficult to cause, that it wouldn't matter whether they made any changes to it.
  • Dismembering an animals limbs does not have any effect on their behavior and attack damage other than receiving damage when the dismemberment occur.