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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

Outdated[edit | edit source]

Tested on A19 can not gain this effect no amount of Beer I drank and Grain Alcohol is no longer drinkable

Drunk icon.png
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Category Status Effect
Type Negative%Negative Status Effects
Description You are drunk.
Caused by Drinking 5 or more
or 2 or more
Grain Alcohol
Cured by Waiting for amount of alcohol to drop to below 2
Leads to Beer Buzz
Debuffs Beer Buzz
Overall Duration
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Health
Damage caused
Effect on Stamina +5 every second
Effect on Wellness
Effect on Temperature °F, 0°C
Effect on Speed 90%
Stun Resist
Damage Resist
Other Effects
Stack (Cumulative) Effects

Description[edit | edit source]

Drunk is a Status Effect giving a negative buff by drinking more than five Beers or two Grain Alcohol within one in-game hour. The effects will set the player's speed to 90%. Additionally, it will slowly increase the players stamina at the rate of 5 points every second.

If the player stops drinking the buff will eventually revert back to Buzz in a minimum of 5 in-game hours. The time taken to revert will depend on the amount past 6 drinks the player has consumed, with each drink adding another in-game hour to the time. Further consumption of Beer or Grain Alcohol will extend the buff duration by another one or 4 game hours respectively, however, should a player drink more than eight Beers or the equivalent Grain Alcohol the Drunk buff will advance to Sick Drunk.