Duke of Navezgane

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Duke of Navezgane

The only exisiting image of "The Duke"

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The Duke of Navezgane is a potentially planned Boss NPC for 7 Days to Die, first mentioned in a pp trailer released by The Fun Pimps, and currently an unseen antagonising force in the game.


According to the trailer, the Duke commands an "army of mutated soldiers", whose numbers and armament are at this point unknown. However, the fact that he has been declared a "Boss" character means that he and his followers will likely be heavily armed and armored.

In the later versions of the game, the Duke is mentioned in the intro to the tutorial quest by Noah, the message reads:

Dear friend,

The wasteland can be an unforgiving place, I found you naked and left for dead with no supplied, it looks like you crossed the Duke in a bad way and you could use some help. Enclosed is a short guide to help you survive. If you complete it we just might take in a new citizen, the White River Settlement, it's real and it's safe.

Peace be with you friend, -Noah

The player also starts with a note from the Duke of Navezgane in their inventory, the letter reads:

Just a friendly reminder that you pay on time, every time or there will be consequences. Next time we won't be so nice. Thanks for the gear, but you still owe us. See you soon. -The Duke


While the Duke has not been present in the game as of yet, there are a few speculations that fit in with his status.

  • He is seemingly featured on the front of the Duke's Casino Tokens, therefore, he could be the owner or mascot of the casino that also could potentially appear in-game if he is indeed added, and may have at least some slight influence on the currency of the remaining survivors of Navezgane.
  • Every 7 days, a zombie horde will assault the player, it is possible that they are indeed the Duke's mutated soldiers, therefore, it is possible that he may appear in later days in one way or another.
  • His picture is clearly set in the desert biome, if one is to believe that the casino belongs to the Duke, it could be situated there.
  • Recently, a military zombie called the Demolisher has been implemented, it is possible this is the real mutated soldier belonging to the Duke, given it only appears in later blood moon horde, this may mean the Duke's army's inclusion to the game is on the horizon.
  • A zombie called the Behemoth was originally planned for Alpha 18, but was scrapped in favor of the aforementioned Demolisher. With the Behemoth's towering size and presumed high power, these could also be the mutated soldiers.
  • PaintingDuke.png
    The painting referred to as "paintingDuke"
    One of the paintings that can show up in Points of Interest is called "paintingDuke" in the files. it is unknown if this is the same person as the Duke of Navezgane.
  • Trader Jen's dialogue occasionally eludes to making a "protection payment" to the Duke. It's very likely that since the Traders use the Duke's Casino Token as currency, the Duke has a stronghold on the Traders and requires payments from them to be kept safe.
    • As the Duke likely runs protection rackets throughout Navezgane, it is possible that this is why the zombies attack the player every 7 days, as the player does not pay the Duke in the game.
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