“A Duke's casino coin. After the epidemic and war it became the main currency for trading in Navezgane.”


Prior to Alpha 15, Dukes Casino Tokens were primarily scraped or melted for Brass and Brass (Forge).

Currently, Dukes Casino Token are used as a currency to purchase items from Traders

Dukes Casino Tokens can be placed in the Forge to generate Brass (Forge).


Dukes Casino Token are most often found in Cash Registers inside stores or buildings.

Players should also consider saving any duplicate high Quality items to sell to Traders. Selling items will usually produce more Dukes Casino Tokens than the player would be able to find by scavenging.

Dukes can commonly be found in the buried treasure maps locations, amount will vary on loot abundance. also the precious gems that are also found in the chests are high value items to traders.


Dukes Casino Tokens are not used to craft any item and not used as a material in any recipe.

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