Dysentery is a negative buff that is cause by drinking water that comes from lakes, rivers, toilets (Toilet, Fancy Toilet, Commercial Toilet), Bottled Murky Water, or Can of Murky Water.

Dysentery has two stages, if not cured within 40 minutes, it becomes Dysentery 2 and gains increased effects.

Dysentery 1

“You feel sick to your stomach and have diarrhea. Goldenrod tea may help.”

Dysentery will decrease your Stamina at a rate of 1 point every second for a duration of 2400 seconds (40 minutes).

This negative buff can be cured by:

Dysentery 2

“You feel nauseated and have bloody diarrhea. Use antibiotics to cure the sickness.”

If not cured in 40 minutes, Dysentery 1 will be become Dysentery 2 and the player will have the following effects:

  • -2 Stamina per second
  • -5 Health every 60 seconds

Dysentery 2 can only be cured by:

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