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|type = Negative
|type = Negative
|cause = Drinking from:<br> Rivers<br>[[Toilet|Toilets]]<br>[[Bottled Murky Water]]<br>[[Canned Murky Water]]
|cause = Drinking from:<br> Rivers<br>[[Toilet|Toilets]]<br>[[Bottled Murky Water]]<br>[[Canned Murky Water]]
|cure = [[Golden Rod Tea]]<br>[[Vitamins]]
|cure = [[Golden Rod Tea]]<br>[[Vitamins]]<br>[[Herbal Antibiotics]]<br>[[Antibiotics]]
|duration = 2400
|duration = 2400
|stamina = -1
|stamina = -1

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Category Status Effect
Type Negative%Negative Status Effects
Description You feel sick to your stomach and have diarrhea.
Caused by Drinking from:
Bottled Murky Water
Canned Murky Water
Cured by Golden Rod Tea
Herbal Antibiotics
Leads to Advanced Dysentery
Overall Duration 40′ 00″
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Health
Damage caused
Effect on Stamina -1 every second
Effect on Wellness -0.02 every 30 in-game seconds
Effect on Temperature °F, 0°C

Stun Resist
Damage Resist
Other Effects
Stack (Cumulative) Effects

Description[edit | edit source]

Dysentery is a negative buff that is gained through drinking Toilet water, river water, Bottled Murky Water or Canned Murky Water. It will decrease your Stamina at a rate of 1 point every second for a duration of 4800 seconds. This buff lasts a total of 40 minutes and can be cured by drinking Goldenrod Tea or taking Vitamins while it is in its earliest form. If left untreated it will turn into Advanced Dysentery which can be only cured by Antibiotics.