Eggs are Food items commonly found in Bird Nests. They can restore food and health, but have a moderate chance to give food poisoning. Eggs are primarily used as a cooking ingredient and are useful through an entire playthrough.

When consumed, an Egg restores Food by 5 and health by 2, with a 7% chance to receive food poisoning.

Eggs do not smell.


Eggs cannot be crafted and can only be found from looting Bird Nests and Coolers (Needs Confirmation A18).

Bird Nests can be found on the ground in every biome.


Eggs are used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Time Skill
BaconAndEggs.png Bacon and Eggs RawMeat.png 5x Raw Meat, Egg.png 2x Egg Campfire ??? Master Chef (Perk) 1
BlueberryPie.png Blueberry Pie Blueberries.png 5x Blueberries, BottledWater.png 1x Bottled Water, CornMeal.png 1x Corn Meal, Egg.png 1x Egg Campfire ??? Master Chef (Perk) ???
Eggboiled.png Boiled Egg BottledWater.png 1x Bottled Water, Egg.png 1x Egg Campfire ???
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