“An empty can which you can scrap or fill with water.”


Empty Can is a common resource item that is most useful in the early game as a source of clean drinking water.

This item cannot be crafted and can only be found through scavenging. Canned food items (e.g. Can of Chili, Can of Cat Food, etc) when add an Empty Can to the player's backpack.


Other than being a source of Iron, Empty Can can be used to create Can of Murky Water. By using an Empty Can while aiming a body of water, the player will create a Can of Murky Water.

Can of Murky Water can be easily crafted into Boiled Water at Campfire, as opposed to Bottled Water which requires a Campfire with a Cooking Pot.


Empty Can is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
CanBoiledWater.png Boiled Water Snowball.png 1x Snowball, EmptyCan.png 1x Empty Can Campfire
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