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Every entity is consecutively and uniquely numbered. This number is called Entity-ID.

To find each entity a player must open console, and type 'se' this will bring up a list of every current entity. To spawn an entity the player must type 'se 178 'entity number'' the 178 is the player's lpi (the player's ID, 178 being an example ID). The entity will then spawn near the player, not at the cursor, or right in front of the player, but near the player.

Entity Clearup[]

The reason there are sometimes multiple images of the same entity is because there are more than one version of that entity. As an example Entity 7 and 8 look similar but Entity 7 can only walk while Entity 8 can run. This is why there are sometimes more than one image of the same Entity.

The Entity name does not match the in game name. For example Entity 1,4, and 5 are all an Infected Survivors, but are all different entities.

Some Entities like 74, 75, and 76 could not be obtained by spawning the entity itself, 74 was obtained by taking an image of the backpack of a survivor, 75 was obtained by breaking a certain container while it still had items in it, and 76 was obtained by destroying the first level of a corpse while it still had an item inside.

Entity Numbers 77 and 78 do not have a proper entity, as they are both invisible we cannot actually see them.

Some Images of Entities will look out of place, 85 through to 89 for example. Because I spawned in every entity some will be out of place as to where they are suppose to be, like trading posts.

If an Entity does not have a link, it is either a Template, it has no page to link back to, or they are a zombie (A lot of the pages for certain zombie types are outdated or don't have a picture for easy reference).

Entity-ID List[]

ID Name Picture
1 zombieTemplateMale Entity-id-1.jpg
2 zombieWightFeral Entity-id-2.jpg
3 zombieWightFeralRadiated Entity-id-3.jpg
4 zombieBoe Entity-id-4.jpg
5 zombieBoeFeral Entity-id-5.jpg
6 zombieFootballPlayer Entity-id-6.jpg
7 zombieFemaleFat Entity-id-7.jpg
8 zombieFemaleFatFeral Entity-id-8.jpg
9 zombieJoe Entity-id-9.jpg
10 zombieJoeFeral Entity-id-10.jpg
11 zombieMoe Entity-id-11.jpg
12 zombieMoeFeral Entity-id-12.jpg
13 zombieArlene Entity-id-13.jpg
14 zombieArleneFeral Entity-id-14.jpg
15 zombieScreamer Entity-id-15.jpg
16 zombieScreamerFeral Entity-id-16.jpg
17 zombieDarlene Entity-id-17.jpg
18 zombieDarleneFeral Entity-id-18.jpg
19 zombieMarlene Entity-id-19.jpg
20 zombieMarleneFeral Entity-id-20.jpg
21 zombieYo Entity-id-21.jpg
22 zombieYoFeral Entity-id-22.jpg
23 zombieSteve Entity-id-23.jpg
24 zombieSteveFeral Entity-id-24.jpg
25 zombieSteveCrawler Entity-id-25.jpg
26 zombieSteveCrawlerFeral Entity-id-26.jpg
27 zombieBusinessMan Entity-id-27.jpg
28 zombieBusinessManFeral Entity-id-28.jpg
29 zombieSnow Entity-id-29.jpg
30 zombieSnowFeral Entity-id-30.jpg
31 zombieSpider Entity-id-31.jpg
32 zombieSpiderFeral Entity-id-32.jpg
33 zombieSpiderFeralRadiated Entity-id-33.jpg
34 zombieBurnt Entity-id-34.jpg
35 zombieNurse Entity-id-35.jpg
36 zombieNurseFeral Entity-id-36.jpg
37 zombieFatHawaiian Entity-id-37.jpg
38 zombieFatHawaiianFeral Entity-id-38.jpg
39 zombieFatCop Entity-id-39.jpg
40 zombieFatCopFeral Entity-id-40.jpg
41 zombieFatCopFeralRadiated Entity-id-41.jpg
42 zombieMaleHazmat Entity-id-42.jpg
43 zombieUtilityWorker Entity-id-43.jpg
44 zombieUtilityWorkerFeral Entity-id-44.jpg
45 zombieSoilder Entity-id-45.jpg
46 zombieSoilderFeral Entity-id-46.jpg
47 zombieSkateboarder Entity-id-47.jpg
48 zombieSkateboarderFeral Entity-id-48.jpg
49 zombieCheerleader Entity-id-49.jpg
50 zombieCheerleaderFeral Entity-id-50.jpg
51 zombieOldTimer Entity-id-51.jpg
52 zombieOldTimerFeral Entity-id-52.jpg
53 zombieBiker Entity-id-53.jpg
54 zombieFarmer Entity-id-54.jpg
55 zombieFarmerFeral Entity-id-55.jpg
56 zombieStripper Entity-id-56.jpg
57 zombieStripperFeral Entity-id-57.jpg
58 animalTemplateTimid StagsNew.jpg
59 animalStag StagsNew.jpg
60 animalRabbit RabbitNew.jpg
61 animalChicken Chicken.jpg
62 animalTemplateHostile Wolf.jpg
63 animalZombieDog NewZombieDog.jpg
64 animalBear Bear.png
65 animalZomieBear Zombie bear.jpg
66 animalWolf Wolf.jpg
67 animalDireWolf Dire wolf.jpg
68 animalZombieVulture Entity-id-68.jpg
69 animalSnake Rattlesnake.png
70 animalBoar Boar.png
71 supplyPlane Entity-id-71.jpg
72 minibike Entity-id-72.jpg
73 sc_General Entity-id-73.jpg
74 backpack Entity-id-74.jpg
75 DroppedLootContainer Entity-id-75.jpg
76 EvisceratedRemains Entity-id-76.jpg
77 InvisibleAnimal Entity-id-77.jpg
78 invisibleAnimalEnemy Entity-id-77.jpg
79 npcSurvivorTemplate Entity-id-79.jpg
80 npcSurvivorRanged Entity-id-80.jpg
81 npcBanditMelee Entity-id-81.jpg
82 npcBanditRanged Entity-id-82.jpg
83 npcBanditLeader Entity-id-83.jpg
84 npcTraderTemplate Entity-id-84.jpg
85 npcTraderJoel Entity-id-85.jpg
86 npcTraderRekt Entity-id-86.jpg
87 npcTraderBob Entity-id-87.jpg
88 npcTraderJimmy Entity-id-88.jpg
89 npcTraderHugh Entity-id-89.jpg