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There are 5 types of Explosives and are listed below. All Explosives have a chance or high probability to weaken an areas Structural Integrity.

Throwable[ | ]

These throwable Explosives are a one use item that depending on its type will result in small or massive damage. Throwable Explosives can be tossed short or far distances. A shallow throw can get the player injured or killed. Commonly they are thrown at large groups of Zombie but depending on the surrounding they can destroy or weaken the Structural Integrity of some Point of Interests. All throwable items are as follows, Molotov_Cocktail, Grenade, Contact Grenade, Pipe Bomb and the Stick of Dynamite.

Mine[ | ]

Other Explosives can be placed on the ground in advance as a Mine trap for passing Zombies to trigger. Any placed Explosives will remain in place until it is trigger by Zombies or by accident by the player. All placeable Explosives are as follows, Air Filter Land Mine, Hub Cap Land Mine, Cooking Pot Mine, Pressure Plate Mine and Tin Land Mine.

Timed[ | ]

Currently the only timed Explosive is Timed Charge and it can be placed or dropped and detonates by a limited timer that lasts only 4 seconds, enough time to vacate the area. They can also be used for forcibly opening safes a crates.

Projectile[ | ]

There are different variants of projectiles which are essentially ammos that require a secondary weapon to utilize. The two ammos the Exploding Arrow and Exploding Crossbow Bolt both utilize different bow type weapons to use them. The Rocket Launcher has two ammo types, the Rocket Frag and the Rocket HE.

Stationary[ | ]

Stationary Explosives refers to Rusty Barrels and are part of a Point of Interest or they are part of the scenery of Navezgane and cannot be moved or taken and once targeted by the player with gunfire, it is destroyed and does not respawn. These will however respawn if the Point of Interest has a quest activated at that location.

List of Explosives[ | ]

The following is a list of stats for Explosives

Icon Name Entity Damage Block Damage
A13RocketLauncher Rocket Launcher RocketHEAlpha20 420 RocketFragAlpha20 700 RocketHEAlpha20 2500 RocketFragAlpha20 10
ExplodingArrow Exploding Arrow 180 2
ExplodingCrossbowBolt Exploding Crossbow Bolt 250 2
CntBarrelGasOld Rusty Barrel 250 500
MineCandyTin Tin Land Mine 250 10
MineCookingPot Cooking Pot Mine 300 10
MineHubcap Hub Cap Land Mine 450 10
MineAirFilter Air Filter Land Mine 690 10
ThrownTimedCharge Timed Charge 800 3000
MolotovCocktail Molotov Cocktail 250 5
PipeBomb Pipe Bomb 253 5
ThrownGrenade Grenade 341 10
ThrownGrenadeContact Contact Grenade 341 10
Tnt Stick of Dynamite 550 3000

Note: Players take 35% dmg from all explosives.

Video[ | ]