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Factory in the Wasteland
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Category Point of Interest
Biome Wasteland

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

A Factory is a pre-existing structure in Navezgane, found in the Wasteland. There are two factories in Navezgane, each with unique features, shown on the map below. They make for a good hide out for one night, or a perfect start of a fortress. They are found outside of Gravestown. It should be noted that due to its immense size, Zombies can sprint freely throughout much of the building, increasing the danger of attempting to clear it out. It is also worth noting that if you intend to fortify and live in one of the factories, you will need to bring an abundance of food and water, due to the lack of these in the wasteland biome.

As of Alpha 16, Factories can spawn in Random World Generation and does not seem to be biome restricted.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • The towers outside of the factory make great starting houses. Due to their height zombies will have a hard time sensing you even at night. Still, it would be prudent to shore up the defenses around the base of the tower. No good to think you're safe only to have your house collapse around your ears.
  • Prior to building any sort of storage in a tower, be sure to reinforce the structure with a central support column. Otherwise, most of the second floor and roof will collapse.

Locations in Navezgane[edit | edit source]

There are two Factorys:

  • 481 S, 65 E
  • 580 S, 895 W

Map factory lg.jpg

Video Tutorial : Alpha 13.8[edit | edit source]

The video below shows the coordinates to both factories in Navezgane as of alpha 13.8