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Fat Hawaiian

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal, Feral
Entity-ID 17
Loot Container 70, 71, 73
Location Everywhere


HP (Normal) 300
HP (Feral) 570
HP (Radiated) N/A
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Range Melee
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

A Fat Hawaiian (Also known as a Disturbed Tourist) is a common type of Zombie that can be encountered anywhere and will be one of the toughest zombies that can appear from the start of a new game. They are larger than the average zombie, resulting in a higher damage resistance and greater damage output. Fat Hawaiians are slower than the average zombie and also run slightly slower than other zombies at night.

Though this zombie makes the same sounds as the Infected Police Officer as well as the Mutant Zombie, the only unique feature of this zombie is that its health stands at 300. They are very common on horde nights once you get further into the game. He was likely to be touring Navezgane County when he was infected during the outbreak. This zombie is highly dangerous in early stages. It's advised to avoid this zombie when encountered until later and better equipped.

Appearance[ | ]

The Fat Hawwaian appears as an overweight, bald male zombie, wearing a green Hawaiian Shirt, ripped black shorts, and the remains of a white undershirt. This zombie is among the most decayed of the Zombie models, with a bloated stomach pushing out of its ripped clothes, pinkish-grey skin, and a decayed lower chin sagging almost completely off the Fat Hawaiian's face. It also wears a pair of dirty athletic shoes.