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Feral Wight

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Feral, Radiated
Loot Container 71
Location Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes, Military and Government Installations, any POI at higher gamestage


HP (Normal) N/A
HP (Feral) 532
HP (Radiated) 1010
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Range Melee
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

The Feral Wight is a special type of zombie encountered in the later 7 Day hordes as well as in army bases, caves and in wasteland cities.

Unlike most zombies, Feral Wights are not affected by daylight and can run after players at any time. They are also taller and much stronger than most zombies, making them very difficult and dangerous targets. Due to their strength, they pose a great threat to player built structures, and will tear down a wall with great speed. Players in Wasteland Towns should arm themselves amply, lest a Feral Wight threaten their base.

Hit Points[ | ]

Feral Wights have 532 Hit Points; The Feral version of the Feral Wights and Radiated Wights have 1010 Hit Points.

Loot[ | ]

Upon death, a Feral Wight has the chance to have weapon schematics, military gear, or powerful weapon parts. On occasion, it can also drop fully assembled Sniper Rifles and SMGs.

Combat[ | ]

Feral Wights are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, being able to run at all times of the day and night. They also have a very high amount of health and devastating attack power, comparable to Bears. They will not hesitate to kill players with relative ease, so dispatching them quickly before they close in is a high priority.

It's highly advised not to attack them in close-combat, but rather with high-powered weaponry such as Hunting or Sniper Rifles as high quality versions can occasionally put them down in a single shot.

Feral Wights can also be reduced to crawlers with the application of spike traps, making them a much slower and easier target to kill. However, their arm length is longer than the average zombie's, so keep a fair distance when trying to conserve ammo with a melee strike.

Notes[ | ]

  • Feral Wights appear to use the same voice lines as normal variant zombies, albeit with slightly altered and more animalistic tone changes.
  • Feral Wights will still run even with 'NEVER RUN' enabled in settings.
  • Feral Wights appear more often in Day 7 hordes as time goes on, for example: There will be more Feral Wights in a day 42 horde than in a previous day's horde. (Tested and Confirmed Alpha 13.8).
  • These zombies can also appear when summoned by a Screamer on and after Day 28.
  • The last models of the Feral Wight, Hazmat Zombie, Fallen Soldier, and the (A.18v) Zombie Biker were re-used and re-fitted with associated gear to make the appearance of multiple zombie variants. These all were, of course, changed in A.20 (or A.19 in the case of the Zombie Biker) to the now known HD models.

History[ | ]


Previous model up to Alpha 19.6