7 Days to Die Wiki

Welcome to your first day in 7 Days to Die. This guide offers a streamlined starting point to ease newcomers into the game. For more detailed information, refer to the Beginners Guide after covering these basics.

Day 1[ | ]

Daytime[ | ]

  • When starting your first game, your primary focus should be gathering resources for survival. While food and water are great, you'll be fine with what you start with for at least this first day.
  • Completing the Tutorial Quests will teach you some basics of the game (such as gathering resources and crafting) as well as reward you with skills points that can be spent on Skills and Perks.
  • Stay close to where you first entered the world, as this area is protected from Zombie spawns for a short time, giving you a chance to complete the Tutorial Quests.
  • Be sure to craft some weapons, placing them in your Toolbelt for quick access. You don't want to take on Zombies without at least a basic weapon. The Tutorial Quests include the crafting of a Wooden Club and a Primitive Bow, which will work fine for now.
  • Once all of the above is accomplished, find your first fight. Locate a Zombie that is by itself outdoors and attack it. Get used to walking towards the Zombie, hitting it, and backing off before it can strike back at you. Learning this timing is crucial in fighting the hordes of undead to come.
  • Finally, locate a small house or other small structure nearby. Head in and clear it of all Zombies. Once cleared, you can prepare this as a mini-base to survive your first night.

Nighttime[ | ]

  • Night brings heightened risks. There are greater numbers of Zombies. They can sense you more easily, and they run (instead of walk) at night.
  • Hopefully you will have secured at least a small house for your first night base. If you have not, and you are stuck outside for the night: avoid attracting attention, crouch to move stealthily, stay away from any lights, and try to move away from any Zombies that are wandering towards you. Don't worry too much if you are seen; Death will come quickly if not painlessly.
  • Be sure to have placed your Bedroll inside your temporary base. Bedrolls prevent Zombies from spawning within a short distance around them and also allow you to spawn nearby should you die. If you left it outside somewhere, simply craft a new one and place it down. You can have only one active Bed -- the last one you placed.
  • You can also place your Land Claim Block which prevents Zombie spawning in an even wider area around it.
  • Repair any broken doors or walls to prevent Zombies from wandering inside your base. If there are gaps, fill them with Building Blocks or crafted Doors.
  • Turn out all the lights in your base and stay crouched in the dark like a coward until morning. Hope the Zombies don't sense you and try to break in.
  • If you can survive this first night, take comfort in knowing that it only gets harder. And welcome to 7 Days to Die!

General Advice[ | ]

In addition to evading zombies, you'll craft tools, weapons, and building materials. While on the move, scavenge and loot for resources necessary to craft tools, weapons, and food.

Tools[ | ]

Gather Plant Fibers and Wood from Grass and dead shrubs using your hands. Collect Small Stones by pressing 'E' while looking at them. Combine these resources to craft a Stone Axe in the Crafting Window. Equip the Stone Axe by placing in on your Toolbelt. It can then be used to chop down trees for more Wood or break up large boulders for more Small Stone. It can also be used to upgrade or repair blocks. Repair your Stone Axe if needed using Small Stones.

Weapons[ | ]

Craft an early-game weapon like a Wooden Club or a Stone Spear, and learn how to perform close combat by fighting isolated single Zombies. Power Attacks deal increased damage but drain stamina significantly. Consider a Primitive Bow with Stone Arrows for safer engagement. Load arrows by using the 'R' key while the Bow is equipped, aim with the mouse, and left click and hold to draw the Bow. Crouch to become stealthed prior to attacking to get extra damage on the initial hit.

Food[ | ]

Sustain yourself by scavenging food and water. Avoid consuming tainted items to prevent sickness. Keep a close eye on hunger and thirst levels.