“A flashlight can be used for a light source by toggling on your light source action. It can also be attached to most guns.”


The Flashlight has two uses: as a light source or a melee weapon.

When used as a light source the Flashlight can be held in the player's hand and turned on and off with the F key (when using the default keybindings).

The Flashlight can also be attached to a gun through the normal weapon assembly process. To attach a Flashlight to a gun, the player must first read the schematic for that gun.

Alternatively, the Flashlight can be used a melee weapon and does only slightly more damage than the Stone Axe to zombies. Its recommended players instead craft a Wooden Club, as it does more damage than the Flashlight and can be repaired or re-crafted easily.


The Flashlight is crafted at the Workbench.png Workbench with the following materials:

Used to Craft

The Flashlight is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Required Materials Workstation Learned From
MiningHelmet.png Mining Helmet FootballHelmet.png 1x Football Helmet, Flashlight02.png 1x Flashlight, Electrical Parts.png 8x Electrical Parts, DuctTape.png 5x Duct Tape, Scrap Plastics.png 4x Scrap Plastics Workbench
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