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Category Biome
Resources Stone, Coal Ore, Potassium Nitrate, Lead Ore, Iron Ore, Clay


Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[ | ]

The Forest Biome is home to many wildlife such as Pigs, Stags, Bears, and Rabbits. The Forest is filled with big trees and the terrain is mostly hilly. The ground is made of Grass and is covered by bushes and flowers, as biomes go, forests appear to be the place the most untouched by the nuclear war and zombie outbreaks.

It's easily the best Biome to start out in, because of the stable climate. Small Stones are plentiful, as are Plant Fibers and other useful early-game materials, such as Cotton and Goldenrod Flowers. Of course, being a forest, there's trees abound, and it's difficult to see any place in this biome where there are none. Water is usually abundant as well.

Even late in the game, the Forest is a sought-after location for a base, with the many hills and trees providing tactical advantages and resources, respectively.

Environment[ | ]

This Biome hosts plants such as the Goldenrod Flower and Chrysanthemum. These can be boiled with water to make Goldenrod Tea and Red Tea, each of which have unique benefits to a character's statistics.

There are plenty of Boulders and large stone formations, which give Small Stones if broken down. Cotton Plants can be found in abundance and are used to make Cloth Fragments. Clay Soil can be gathered easily by digging anywhere on the surface, which is a material that remains useful throughout the entire game for forging metals. All ores except for Oil Shale can be found relatively commonly here as well. However, it is worth noting that when raining, you can get soaked fast, dropping your body temperature at an alarming rate.

Points of Interest[ | ]

Forests are plentiful in resources because of the many Points of Interest that can be found there. For instance, there is a high chance of finding Rural Areas in this Biome. Gas Stations are also very common, and if the character is lucky they might stumble upon a shop. There are also 3 POI's only found in Navezgane which are Diersville, the Farm and the Church.

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