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"Used to smelt metals to craft tools and weapons or stone to craft cement. Unlock more recipes through perks. Install tools to increase performance or unlock recipes"
Basic Information
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Group Building, Decor/Miscellaneous
Category Placeable
Type Workstation
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Covering Attribute
Block Properties
Hit Points 800
Storage Slots
Horizontal Support 10
Mass 10
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth
Damage Multiplier: Metal
Damage Multiplier: Stone
Damage Multiplier: Wood
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Elemental Protection
Effect Protection
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on max Stamina
Effect on Stamina regen
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Cure Percentage
Buff Warmed by a Fire
Buff Effect
Buff Duration
Dysentery Chance (%)
Characteristic Properties
Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality)
Degradation per Use
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Repaired Using
Electrical Power Required
Base Price
Max Stack 1
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Burn Time
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through Crafting, Looting, Trading


A Forge is used to smelt items into refined products that are more useful. This process requires time, fuel sources to operate, and scrapped or whole materials to smelt.

A Forge allows survivors to craft advanced Tools, Building Materials, ammunition components, and other Resources.


Fuel is placed in the cells below the tool cells. The Forge can be turned on either with the on/off button below the fuel, or turned on by starting a new recipe. The Forge will not turn off automatically unless all the fuel is expended. No recipe will be available until there is fuel in the fuel cells. Fuels include all items with a burn time, including Coal (100 seconds), Wood (50 seconds), and Oil Shale (5 seconds), and Gas Can (2 seconds).


RockSmall.png 50* Small Stone after attaining level 1
AdvancedEngineering.png Advanced Engineering
01′ 21"
ClaySoil.png 60* Clay Soil
Leather.png 10* Leather
DuctTape.png 3* Duct Tape
ShortMetalPipe.png 3* Short Iron Pipe
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Forge Tools[]

Although players can start smelting right away with the Forge, it is recommended to acquire the 3 tools below to maximize time, efficiency, and extra recipes. These tools occupy the tool slots of the Forge and are used to unlock recipes. There are 2 tools that are needed for different recipes. All tools can be found in loot across the world, but are also craftable. These Forge tools are removeable and can be carried to other Forges you may have in other locations.

  • Anvil.pngAnvil (gives a bonus in forge crafting speed and unlocks some recipes).
  • Crucible.png Crucible (used for more advanced recipes and steel crafting).
  • Bellows.png Advanced Bellows (increases smelting speed by 50%).

While using the Forge without the 3 tools the player will notice the Examine menu pane indicates any required and/or missing tools in the upper-right corner. In the image below, the Crucible is required but is not present in the forge. In the upper-right corner, a red "X" and "CRUCIBLE REQUIRED" is visible, indicating the item can not be crafted.

A Crucible is required to craft Forged Steel

Forge Recipes[]

Pressing E on the Forge will display the Recipes in the left-hand window all listed in alphabetical order. The search bar at the top left will filter recipes to include all with the same text in the name. Recipes will automatically turn white in color and sort to the top, if the Forge has the ingredients to make them in the "smelting inventory". No recipes will show as available if there is no fuel in the forge. Recipes may require Forge Tools to be placed into the Tools slots of the Forge before they can be crafted; once the Forge Tools are placed additional recipes will become available. Other recipes will require Perks to craft them. Some of those same recipes can also be unlocked when the appropriate Perk Books have been read. After either method is done those recipes will have the lock icon will be removed. Assuming the player has the required materials in their Inventory the recipes will turn white allowing the to be crafted. Quantity to be crafted can be selected below the item image either by typing in the quantity or by pressing the left and right arrows to increase/decrease the amount by one. Pressing the right arrow with the bar will max the qty to the number of available resources from the character's inventory. Selecting the Turn On button will activate the Forge, remove the materials from the character's inventory, place the item in a queue in the bottom left displaying the time to craft all the selected quantity, and begin smelting the new items. Up to 4 different recipes can be queued at a time.

Items will output one at a time per base time until all have been crafted. When the items are completed they will dispense in the 6 output cells in the lower right window. Once one type is complete the queue will automatically move to the next type. Times vary by level of the appropriate skill (i.e. anvils will craft faster if the character's misc. craft skill is higher). If the output tray is full, crafting will be halted until there is space for more items. Fuel will continue to burn even while crafting is halted. Recipes that output an item with quality will craft a random quality if a player does not presently have that forge menu open; the character's skill will determine the quality if they do have the forge open at the final moment of the craft. Whenever an item is crafted, the appropriate skill will gain experience so long as a character is looking in the forge.

Item Required Materials Implement Time Book Skill
Anvil.png Anvil ScrapIron.png Iron *1250, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *125 - 11′ 27.5" Schematic -
ScrapBrass.png Brass ScrapBrass.png Brass *1 - 00′ 01" - -
BrickBlock.png Brick Blocks RockSmall.png Small Stone *10, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *60 - 00′ 32.5" - -
BrickPaver.png Brick Paver Block RockSmall.png Small Stone *10, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *60 - 00′ 32.5" - -
StairsPavers.png Brick Stairs RockSmall.png Small Stone *10, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *60 - 00′ 32.5" - -
BrokenGlass.png Broken Glass BrokenGlass.png Broken Glass *5 - 00′ 05" - -
Buckshot.png Buckshot ScrapLead.png Lead *3, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 3.5" - -
BulletCasing.png Bullet Casing ScrapBrass.png Brass *6, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 6.5" - -
BulletTip.png Bullet Tip ScrapLead.png Lead *2, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 2.5" - -
BulletProofGlassPlate.png Bulletproof Glass CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *137, RockSmall.png Small Stone *12, ScrapLead.png Lead *50, ScrapIron.png Iron *25, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *25 Crucible 03′ 35" - -
Cement.png Cement RockSmall.png Small Stone *10 - 00′ 2.5" - -
ClayRoofBlock.png Clay Roof Blocks RockSmall.png Small Stone *5, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *30 - 00′ 16.25" - -
CookingGrill.png Cooking Grill ScrapIron.png Iron *25, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *5 - 00′ 15" - -
CookingPot.png Cooking Pot ScrapIron.png Iron *25, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *5 - 00′ 15" - -
DrinkCanEmpty.png Empty Can ScrapIron.png Iron *5, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 03" - -
ForgedIron.png Forged Iron ScrapIron.png Iron *12, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *6 - 00′ 08" - -
IngotSteel.png Forged Steel ScrapIron.png Iron *20, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *10 Crucible 00′ 15" - -
GlassBusinessCTRSheet.png Glass Block CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *17, ScrapLead.png Lead *6, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *2 - 00′ 24" - -
DrinkJarEmpty.png Glass Jar CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *10, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 10.5" - -
Glass.png Glass Pane CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *10, ScrapLead.png Lead *3, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 13.5" - -
GlassIndustrial02CTRPlate.png Industrial Glass 2 Centered CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *14, ScrapLead.png Lead *5, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *2 - 00′ 20" - -
GlassIndustrial.png Industrial Glass Centered CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *14, ScrapLead.png Lead *5, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *2 - 00′ 20" - -
ScrapIron.png Iron ScrapIron.png Iron *1 - 00′ 0.5" - -
IronArrowHead.png Iron Arrowhead ScrapIron.png Iron *2, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 1.5" - -
IronBars.png Iron Bars ScrapIron.png Iron *100, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *20 - 01′ 00" - -
Dart.png Iron Dart ScrapIron.png Iron *3, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 02" - -
ScrapLead.png Lead ScrapLead.png Lead *1 - 00′ 01" - -
MetalTrussing.png Metal Trussing ScrapIron.png Iron *40, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *5 - 00′ 22.5" - -
Nails.png Nails ScrapIron.png Iron *1, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 01" - -
A13RocketCasing.png Rocket Casing ScrapIron.png Iron *50, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *30 - 00′ 40" Schematic Demolitions Expert
A13RocketTip.png Rocket Tip ScrapLead.png Lead *62, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *37 - 01′ 20.5" Rocket Launcher Schematic Demolitions Expert
ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe ScrapIron.png Iron *10, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *5 - 00′ 7.5" - -
GlassBusinessBlock.png Shower Glass Block CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *17, ScrapLead.png Lead *6, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *2 - 00′ 24" - -
RockSmall.png Small Stone RockSmall.png Small Stone *5 - 00′ 1.25" - -
SteelArrowHead.png Steel Arrowhead ScrapIron.png Iron *7, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 Crucible 00′ 04" - -
WroughtIronFenceSheet.png Wrought Iron Fence ScrapIron.png Iron *15, ClaySoil.png Clay Soil *1 - 00′ 08" - -


To smelt materials into the Forge, survivors must deposit raw materials, such as Iron, into the Forge's "input slots." When the Forge is running, raw materials in the input slots will automatically be consumed, adding to the amounts of material inside the Forge itself. The amount of each material stockpiled inside the Forge is visible. This amount is limited to 30000 per material. Smelting materials that would exceed this limit will no longer be smelted. Once the Forge has enough material smelted, that material can be forged into products such as Forged Iron. This process takes additional time. If the Forge is destroyed all the materials that have been smelted into it will be lost. However, there are recipes for raw materials in the Forge's crafting menu so the player can retrieve their materials from the Forge. The Forge can consume raw materials and produce finished products at the same time. For example, if Brass and Lead are placed into the input slots and the Forge begins producing Forged Iron the operations will proceed at the same time without taking any additional fuel or time.

Items that can be melted down in the Forge are listed below with their (smelting time in seconds per 1 unit of each item) in a forge without the Advanced Bellows.

  • Note: This smelting list is not all-inclusive, there are more items that can be smelted down than are included in this list; this list just gives some of the common items.

For Iron:[]

For Brass:[]

For Lead:[]

For Glass:[]

For Stone:[]

For Clay:[]

Heat Map[]

Whenever you use a Forge it affects the Heatmap. If used for long enough or if multiple forges are used simultaneously, it will attract zombies. If the heat level gets high enough, it will attract one or more Screamer Zombies.

For a better understanding of the heatmap and heat, see Heatmap.

All Forged Items Sorted by Ingredient[]

Ingredient Recipes
Brass Bullet Casing, Brass
Clay Soil Anvil, Brick Paver Block, Brick Blocks, Buckshot, Bullet Casing, Bullet Tip, Business Glass Block, Business Glass Centered, Business Glass Pane, Clay Roof Blocks, Cooking Grill, Cooking Pot, Forged Iron, Forged Steel, Glass Jar, Glass Pane, Industrial Glass 2 Centered, Industrial Glass Centered, Iron Arrowhead, Iron Bars, Lump of Clay, Metal Trussing Block, Minibike Chassis, Nails, Rebar Frames, Rocket Casing, Rocket Tip, Short Iron Pipe, Shower Glass Block, Steel Arrowhead, Wrought Iron Fence
Crushed Sand Broken Glass, Business Glass Block, Business Glass Centered, Business Glass Pane, Glass Jar, Glass Pane, Industrial Glass Centered, Industrial Glass 2 Centered, Shower Glass Block
Iron Anvil, Cooking Grill, Cooking Pot, Forged Iron, Forged Steel, Iron Arrowhead, Iron Bars, Metal Trussing Block, Minibike Chassis, Nails, Rebar Frames, Rocket Casing, Iron, Short Iron Pipe, Steel Arrowhead, Wrought Iron Fence
Lead Buckshot, Bullet Tip, Business Glass Block, Business Glass Centered, Business Glass Pane, Glass Pane, Industrial Glass 2 Centered, Industrial Glass Centered, Rocket Tip, Lead, Shower Glass Block
Small Stone Brick Blocks, Brick Paver Block, Cement, Clay Roof Blocks, Small Stone


  • Breaking the forge will destroy it completely as well as its contents.
  • If you pick up the forge the materials are lost, but the forge appears in your inventory.
  • Smelted materials can be forged back into their scrap parts through the forge.
  • For the sake of overheating, it is possible to stand far enough away from the forge to not gain the 'Warmed By A Fire' buff, but still be able to use it.
  • Once started, the forge will burn all fuel placed in the input slots, even after it has finished forging all items unless it is manually shut off.
  • Vertical Support: Yes


Crafting a Forge