“Used to smelt metals into tools and weapons. Unlock more recipes by adding an anvil, crucible or tool and die set.”


The Forge is a crafting station that allows players to smelt items into their base components. These components are stored inside the Forge, and used to craft more advanced items.

Once crafted, the Forge must first be placed and then requires a fuel source (e.g. Wood) to begin smelting. When a player accesses the Forge there are four small windows that display to the right of the normal crafting interface: Tools, Fuel, Input, and Output.

Quick Start

To begin crafting with the Forge place fuel in the Fuel slots and place an item you wish to smelt down in the Input slots. For example placing Raw Iron or Short Iron Pipes in the Input window will increase the number next "Iron" in the Forge's Input window.

Next turn on the Forge, the items in the Input window will be slowly consumed and the numbers to right will increase.

Finally, select the recipe you wish to craft (e.g. Forged Iron) and click "Smelt". The Smelt button is directly under the arrows that increase or decrease that amount to be crafted. After clicking Smelt the numbers in the Input window will decrease and the item will be crafted.


Most items the player finds in game can be smelted down at the Forge. Often smelting an item will yield more base materials than if the player just scrapped it.

The following items can be smelted down into base components:

Iron Brass Lead

ScrapIron Iron

ForgedIron Forged Iron

ShortMetalPipe Short Iron Pipe

KeystoneBlock Land Claim Block

BulletCasing Bullet Casing

DoorKnob Brass Doorknob

ScrapBrass Brass

Trophy Brass Trophy

FaucetBrass02 Brass Faucet

CandleStick Brass Candlestick

Radiator Brass Car Radiator

ScrapLead Lead

50px Lead Fishing Weight

50px Lead Trophy

LeadCarBattery Lead Car Battery

Glass Stone Clay

CrushedSand Crushed Sand

BrokenGlass Broken Glass

GlassPane Glass Pane

EmptyJar Glass Jar

RockSmall Small Stone

CobblestoneRocks Cobblestone Rocks

DestroyedStone Destroyed Stone

ClayLump Lump of Clay


The Forge has three slots for three different tools. Each tool enables more recipes to be crafted at the Forge.

  • Anvil Anvil - This item can crafted or found from looting and unlocks several recipes.
  • Crucible Crucible - The recipe for this item is learned after the player acquires the Steel Smithing (Perk). The item enables the player to craft Forged Steel and Bulletproof Glass.
  • ToolAndDieSet Tool & Die Set - The final enhancement for the Forge. The Tool & Die Set enables the player to craft the most complex recipes at the Forge.


To craft the Forge, the following materials are required:


With the appropriate materials and tools, the following items can be crafted at the Forge:

Image Item Materials Requirements
Anvil Anvil 200x ScrapIron Iron (Forge), 20x ClayLump Clay (Forge) None
Buckshot Buckshot 2x ScrapLead Lead (Forge), 1x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Anvil
BulletCasing Bullet Casing 1x ScrapBrass Brass (Forge) Anvil
BulletTip Bullet Tip 2x ScrapLead Lead (Forge), 1x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Anvil
CookingGrill Cooking Grill 25x ScrapIron Iron (Forge), 5x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Anvil
CookingPot Cooking Pot 25x ScrapIron Iron (Forge), 5x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Anvil
EmptyJar Glass Jar 4x BrokenGlass Glass (Forge) Anvil
GlassPane Glass Pane 10x BrokenGlass Glass (Forge), 3x ScrapLead Lead (Forge), 1x ClayLump Clay (Forge)
RocketTip Rocket Tip 10x ScrapLead Lead (Forge), 6x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Tool & Die Set
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