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Zombie Lumberjack
A Frozen Lumberjack

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal, Feral, Radiated
Entity-ID 13
Loot Container
Location Snowy Forest-biome


HP (Normal) 300
HP (Feral) 570
HP (Radiated) 1150-1550
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage 0.3
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

The Frozen Lumberjack is one of the many different variants of Zombies. It is currently only found in Snowy Forest biome. Frozen Lumberjacks are very tall, with broad shoulders and thick beards, wear knitted caps with red flannel shirts and blue jeans, and are fairly easy to spot in the white snow even from great distances. At first glance it appears as though this zombie is experiencing an intense case of frostbite, as its skin has turned a sickly shade of blue.


Close up view

The Frozen Lumberjack will emit high-pitched wails when near a player, as well as a constant 'crunching' sound as it moves. This is likely to emphasize the fact it is literally a frozen, shambling corpse.

It appears to be the Snowy Forest's equivalent to the Bloated Walker as it has slightly more health and moves slower than the average zombie.

Combat[ | ]

The Frozen Lumberjack has more health than an average zombie and can inflict bleeding, despite how slow it moves it can still pose a threat in close-combat. It is recommended to keep a short distance between it and yourself when fighting one, as unwary players will otherwise be stunned and likely killed. It can take several shots to kill one depending on the player's current levels in archery and firearms.

Much like the Bloated Walker, this zombie is slightly slower than other running zombies during the night. Clearing out faster zombies first and leaving these zombies alive can be a good strategy when making a tactical retreat as they will not be able to outrun the player easily.

Snow Zombies[ | ]

The Frozen Lumberjack seems to share similar health with the now removed Frigid Hunter and Frostbitten Worker. These Zombies have slightly higher HP than regular zombies, but with the release of Alpha 13 they started dropping rare Tools and other supplies.

Quest[ | ]

Objective of the challenge; "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay"

Challenge: Kill 3 Lumberjack zombies with a fire axe.

History[ | ]