Fullness is one of the four main player statistics. The Fullness stat is the same as Max Stamina, e.g. if Fullness is at 50, then Stamina will only regenerate up to 50. Fullness will decrease over time, which is seen as the player Fullness meter gets lower. Moving around, swinging tools, and punching will all lower the players Fullness faster. If Fullness reaches zero, the player will receive the Hungry de-buff. This in turn will advance to the Starving de-buff after a short period of time, if the player doesn't eat anything, after which the player will die.

Certain food and edible items can be eaten by the player to fill their Fullness meter, in the game this is expressed as an items Fullness value.

  • There are currently no edible items in the game that have any negative effects on the players fullness meter.
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