7 Days to Die Wiki

Game Mode is the term given to the different difficulty levels or worlds the player can select at the start of the game that are available in 7 Days to Die. The game difficulty and settings can be changed at any time in the main menu prior to loading. The world/map cannot be changed and the player will have to select New Game to try another map selection.

Difficulty[ | ]

Adjusts the Difficulty setting of the game.

  • Scavenger - Easiest Setting designed for Noobs
  • Adventurer (Default) - Not just a new recruit anymore
  • Nomad - Designed for experienced FPS players
  • Warrior - Now you're starting to impress!
  • Survivalist - Kids don't try this at home!
  • Insane - You're one brave mother!

Worlds[ | ]

Better known as Maps or World Seeds, there are these available:

  • Navezgane - Is a Static map with Specialty Points of Interest only available there. Size cannot be altered.
  • Random World Generation - Random Generation size can be determined by 10k, 8k or 6k
  • Pregen10k - Is an unchanging/Static map
  • Pregen6k - Is an unchanging/Static map
  • Pregen8k - Is an unchanging/Static map

Settings[ | ]

Join a Game[ | ]

Players can choose from playing with hundreds of other players in their Dedicated Server Providers or with those that are playing Peer to Peer. LAN is also an option.

Notes[ | ]

  • Currently in the PC version of the game there are no penalties toward acquiring the Steam Valve Achievements when players choose to use the Cheat Mode or the Debug Mode.