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Current game stage: 1
Grace Boar.jpg

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Category Animal, Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type
Drops Animal Fat
Raw Meat
Loot Container
Location Carl's corn and Bob's boars POI


HP (Normal) 2000
HP (Feral) N/A
HP (Radiated) N/A
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio

Description[edit | edit source]

Grace is a giant green mutated boar found under 'Bob's Boars' and other various POIs. In 'Bob's Boars' particularly, Grace is found in a cave concealed under its cage in the backyard, with its name printed on it. The very same farm also contains samples of Super Corn, therefore it is a possibility that Grace is mutated due to its consumption of the mutated plant.

Grace has a decent health pool, comparable to a radiated Zombie. Interestingly, harvesting Grace yields larger amounts of fat, raw meat, leather, and more Bones than the normal animal counterpart, suggesting Grace may not even be a zombie, but merely a super pig. However, killing Grace is essential to completing Clear quests.

She WILL respawn. (Tested and confirmed Alpha 19.1, probably linked to loot respawn time.)