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Gravestown as viewed from the east
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Category City
Biome Wasteland
Coordinates 512 S, 372 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation No

Gravestown is a large city occupying the South West corner of Navezgane. As of Alpha 2 it is the largest City. Other cities are Diersville and Perishton. Gravestown is distinct for its large number of multi-story structures. There are large holes in the streets, and many buildings are destroyed, suggesting Gravestown was bombed.

Points of Interest[]

  • A Shotgun Messiah Gun Store on the east side.
  • A movie theater on the south side.
  • A Hotel in the middle area.
  • There are a total of 28 lootable cars in Gravestown. These contain lots of useful crafting materials.


  • All zombie types can be found in Gravestown, with a seemingly higher abundance of zombie dogs and bloated police officers. Because of this, Gravestown makes a poor place to start.


  • Many Storage containers, including a Wall Safe in many of the taller buildings. You can even find wall safes laying on the ground outside.
  • Several multi-story structures with excellent vantage points. Many of the multi story apartment style buildings contain gun safes on the top floors.
  • Likely to find painkillers, shotguns, shotgun shells, pistols, 9mm magazines, sub-machine guns, hunting rifles, and rifle ammo.
  • Limited amount of food or water.
  • Massive amount of Weapons and Ammo[1]




Gravetown Map.png