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Gravestowne as viewed from the east
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Category City

Coordinates 512 S, 372 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation No

Gravestowne is a large city occupying the South West corner of Navezgane. As of Alpha 20 it is the largest City. Other cities are Diersville and Perishton. Gravestowne is distinct for its large number of multi-story structures. There are large holes in the streets, and many buildings are destroyed, suggesting Gravestowne was bombed.

Points of Interest[ | ]

  • A Shotgun Messiah Gun Store on the east side.
  • A movie theater on the south side.
  • A Hotel in the middle area.
  • There are a total of 28 lootable cars in Gravestowne. These contain lots of useful crafting materials.
  • Higashi Pharmaceutical
  • Blaze & Burns Offices
  • Bombshell News
  • Krispy Kitchen (destroyed)
  • Oops Chemical Co. (destroyed)
  • Shamway Processing
  • Water Works
  • ParKing Garage #1

Enemies[ | ]

  • All zombie types can be found in Gravestowne, with a seemingly higher abundance of zombie dogs and bloated police officers. Because of this, Gravestowne makes a poor place to start.

Items[ | ]

  • Many Storage containers, including a Wall Safe in many of the taller buildings. You can even find wall safes laying on the ground outside.
  • Several multi-story structures with excellent vantage points. Many of the multi story apartment style buildings contain gun safes on the top floors.
  • Likely to find painkillers, shotguns, shotgun shells, pistols, 9mm magazines, sub-machine guns, hunting rifles, and rifle ammo.
  • Limited amount of food or water.
  • Massive amount of Weapons and Ammo[1]

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Location[ | ]

Gravetown Map

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