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Grease Monkey
"Learn to build vehicles from junk in the wasteland! Vehicles can be assembled from parts without this perk."
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Attribute Intellect
Group Craftsmanship
Max level 5
Experience to level
Experience Multiplier
Experience Multiplier
Skill points to level
Skill points multiplier

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Grease Monkey is a Craftsmanship Perk in the Intellect Attribute.

Requirements and Effects[ | ]

Skill Level Level Name Effect Description Intelligence Level Buy
1 Bicycle Mechanic Your passion to tinker and not walk everywhere has led you on the path of the bicycle mechanic. Craft wheels and bicycle parts 33% cheaper. Repair kits are 10% more effective on vehicles. 2 1 PT
2 Minibike Master Why pedal everywhere when there is enough junk lying around to make a minibike? Craft minibike parts 33% cheaper. Repair kits are 20% more effective on vehicles. 4 1 PT
3 Motorcycle Maniac It was only a matter of time before going faster and carrying more gear was a necessity. Craft motorcycle parts 33% cheaper. Repair kits are 30% more effective on vehicles. 6 1 PT
4 Truck Nut Nothing beats the safety and warmth of a nice 4x4 truck. Craft 4x4 truck parts 33% cheaper. Repair kits are 40% more effective on vehicles. 8 1 PT
5 Avionics Wizard Your tinkering desire is never satisfied and only a true genius could figure out how to take to the skies with scrap iron. Craft gyrocopter parts 33% cheaper. Repair kits are 50% more effective on vehicles. 10 1 PT

Recipe[ | ]

As of Alpha 21, skills no longer grant crafting recipes. That feature was replaced by Crafting Skill Magazines.

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