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Harvesting refers to the activity of attacking blocks in order to obtain basic resources. These resources are extracted from blocks as they are damaged and/or destroyed by your Harvesting efforts.

Subtypes of Harvesting[]

While Harvesting is a general term for the extraction of resources from blocks, there are several subtypes to which reference is often made:

  • Mining - The harvesting of resources from earth-based and metal-based blocks referred to as Ores.
  • Butchering - The harvesting of resources from the corpses of both natural and undead Animals.
  • Salvaging - The harvesting of resources from mechanical-based or electrical-based blocks using the Wrench.

To discern between the various types, Harvesting will be furthermore referred to as obtaining basic resources only, with a variety of tools that are aimed at various materials.

Harvesting Tools[]

While Harvesting can be done using your Fists, the process can be sped up greatly by equipping an Appropriate Tool for the material of which the block you are attacking is made. Using an Appropriate Tool will prevent the reduction in Block Damage that occurs when using a Tool or Weapon not well suited for the job, as well as reduction in resources yield. Some blocks require a specific tool to provide certain resources.

Regardless of how fast a block is destroyed or which weapon/tool you use to destroy it, the amount of resources ultimately extracted from the block is the same, with three exceptions:

  • Butchering provides bonus resources only obtainable by using a Butcher Tool.
  • Salvaging provides bonus resources only obtainable by using a Disassemble Tool.
  • All clubs, hammers and spears have a 75% loss of all resources harvested. Even considering some of them having high block damage to take down various objects and blocks, it's best to use an Appropriate Tool for the job. Unless the player requires to quickly destroy the blocks without caring for obtaining the resources.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The list of all tools and melee weapons, with their respective statistics is available at the general Tools page.

Harvesting Efficiently[]

Various types of tools will be good for different material types:

  • Shovels - Soft earth like any type of ground (dirt, sand, gravel, snow)
  • Pickaxes - Hard earth (stone), ore veins, brick blocks and objects, metal blocks and objects
  • Fireaxes - Wooden blocks and objects, trees

Additionally, a tool can be even more efficient with the following:

  • Your Mother Lode (Perk) will increase the amount of resources you harvest from ore blocks, stone blocks, terrain blocks, or trees.
  • Your Miner 69er (Perk) increases your Block Damage and decreases your stamina degradation when hitting blocks while using Mining Tools.
  • There are a variety of Mods you can install on your harvesting tool in order to increase its Block Damage against specific types of materials. For example, Grave Digger mod increases damage done to soft earth blocks.

While an Auger or a Chainsaw can be the most efficient in terms of speed in destroying blocks and obtaining resources, they generate a lot of Heat, making them a high risk and high reward tools.