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Highway 260
A bare road awaits ahead, from the West end of Highway 260
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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
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Highway 260 along with Highway 73 is one of the two main roads in Navezgane. It spans the width of the map and runs east and west through the centre of the map. There is an Army Camp to the south of this highway were Dishong Pass connects.

As with both highways you can expect to find a fair amount of cars scattered along the road and occasionally bump into a wreck with several crawlers and Zombie Dogs.

Highway 260 is to the south of Diersville, head north on Courtland St to reach. Highway 260 is to the north of Gravestown, head south-west on Lang Rd or south on Highway 73 to reach.

Connecting Streets[ | ]

The following roads intersect or connect to Highway 260 from east to west.

Notes[ | ]

  • There are a total of 22 cars along Highway 260. This takes into account cars that can be seen from Highway 260 with a view distance of 9 and a quick sprint to search them.

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