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Current game stage: 1
Highway 73

Multi-story buildings at the north end of Highway 73
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Category Highway
Biome Plains, Rural Area(!)Plains,Rural Area,Burnt Forest,Wasteland%Unknown Group, Burnt Forest, Wasteland
Game Worlds
Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation


Highway 73 along with Highway 260 is one of the two main roads in Navezgane. It spans the height of the map and runs north and south down the west side of the map. The Police Station is on Highway 73, it's located at the intersection of Highway 73 and Riedel Ave.

As with both highways you can expect to find a fair amount of cars scattered along the road and occasionally bump into a wreck with several crawlers and Zombie Dogs.


The location of Highway 73 as found in Navezgane

Highway 73 Map.png
Highway 73 highlighted on the map of Navezgane

Connecting Streets

The following streets intersect or connect to Highway 73 from north to south.

Points of Interest

Located along Highway 73 from north to south.

Police Station


House With Garden

House With Garden.jpg


  • Gravestown can be located to the southern end of Highway 73 and is intersected by Highway 73 and Courtland St.

Recycling Center

Recycling Center.png


  • Including the cars in Gravestown, there are a total of 64 along Highway 73. This takes into account cars that can be seen from Highway 73 with a view distance of 9 and a quick sprint to search them.


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