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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This enemy/NPC was removed in Alpha 16.

A screenshot of an attacking Hornet

Removed: Alpha 16
Category Animal
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type
Entity-ID 18
Drops Jar of Honey
Loot Container
Location Map Wide


HP (Normal)
HP (Feral)
HP (Radiated)
HP (Legendary)
Entity Damage
Block Damage N/A
Crit Ratio

A Hornet is a hostile type of Animal in the game. They can typically be found in wastelands or ruined cities.

They will emit very loud 'buzzing' sounds when nearby a player. Hornets move slowly, tending to fly high over streets, only occasionally swooping down to attack unwary players. Hornets also drop 2X honey when killed in the air.


Hornets attack with straight-forward dive bombs and slow, circular strafing maneuvers close to the player, making it simple to line up a shot or to eliminate them with a melee weapon.

They have a tendency to charge in on players distracted with looting containers or bodies, taking advantage and attacking from behind. Keeping alert for close buzzing noises is a good way to avoid being caught off-guard.

Hornets will typically spawn around large zombie hordes in wastelands or cities. They can also spawn with 7 Day hordes, although this is uncommon.


Hornets will almost always drop Jars of Honey upon death.

If a Hornet is killed with a Hunting Knife a player will loot three additional Honey Jars.


  • Prior to Alpha 13, Hornets used to reside in hives inside derelict houses located in the Burnt Forest biome.
  • Hornets have not yet been removed from the console version of 7 Days to Die.