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House new mansion 03
A mansion on Husker Ave.
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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

A House is a pre-existing location. Houses are also the most common location as they are spread across the whole map. Houses are found in different versions. Some come with a second floor, a basement, a garage or a mix. The highest concentration of houses is found in the Cities.

Houses can be extremely useful for a first night's survival because they provide a good cover from the raging zombies at night. Recommended is to find a stone or concrete house and to stay in some upper floor through the night.

Not to be confused with Burnt Houses which are similar to Houses.

Fortifying[ | ]

Make sure that by night your house is boarded up, there is a chance that a zombie can break a certain block of the house and it falls. One thing you could do is put wood all around the house and put layers of doors at the entrance of the house so that the zombie's don't get in easily. But one thing that can "Beef up" your house is putting Cobblestone Block around your house instead of wood. Make sure that by day 7, your house is like a bank vault so that zombie's can't get in easily. There is an option of putting wood spikes or wood log spikes around your house to stop the zombies from touching your house instead of using wood or cobblestone to board up your house. If available use Rebar frames and upgrade them with scrap iron to at least level 2.

Loot[ | ]

  • Food
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Furniture
  • Miscellaneous

Prefabs[ | ]

Houses (house)[ | ]

The typical house with 1 or 2 stories and an attic, Comes in several different colors and styles. All standard houses spawn in the Plains, Forest and Pine Forest with the exception of housegreen1 which can also spawn in the Desert.

  • houseblue
  • housebrick
  • housegreen
  • housestucco
  • housetan
  • housetanpyramid
  • housewhite
  • housewhitepyramid
  • houseyellow
  • houseyellowpyramid

Ranch Houses (houseranch)[ | ]

Large Ranch Houses are single story with large mostly empty attics. Sometimes there is a basement. Spawn in Plains, Forest, Pine Forest and Desert.

  • houseranchblue
  • houseranchtan
  • houseranchwhite

Abandoned Houses (abandoned_house)[ | ]

Abandoned Houses are partially destroyed decaying buildings. They can spawn in any biome, and are found everywhere in Navezgane.

Trailer Houses (house_trailer)[ | ]

Trailer Houses are long skinny houses. They are only found in the Navezgane Desert and do not spawn in Random World Generation.

  • house_trailer_blue
  • house_trailer_green
  • house_trailer_tan
  • house_trailer_white
  • house_trailer_yellow

Burnt Trailer Houses (house_trailer_burnt)[ | ]

Besides the Desert in Navezgane, Burnt Trailer Houses can also be found in the Burnt Forest. They do not spawn in Random World Generation.

Mansions (house_new_mansion)[ | ]

There are three variants on the Mansions, each one being a large house usually with a swimming pool in the back. They only spawn in the Plains, Forest, Pine Forest and Desert.

For the full list of house prefabs see List of Prefabs.

Images[ | ]