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With the introduction of Alpha 17 experimental, the concept of a modlet was introduced. Modlets are smaller mods that don't over-write the vanilla XML files, but are loaded from the Mods folder.

A typical modlet would have the following format.


Not all modlets will have the different folders; it really depends on what the modlet does. For example, a XUI modlet wouldn't necessarily have an ItemIcons or Resources.

However, all modlets will have a ModInfo.xml

Modlets are installed the same on Client as they are on a Server.

1) Create a folder called "Mods" at the top level of the game folder.[edit | edit source]

Client Folder
Server Folder

2) Download the modlets you want.[edit | edit source]

3) Extract the modlet, and look for the ModInfo.xml for each mod you want. Once you find that, copy the folder into the Mods/ folder.[edit | edit source]

Do not copy the contents of the folder, but rather the folder that has the ModInfo.xml

In the above example for the SphereII_PG13 modlet, we would copy the SphereII_PG13 into the Mods folder.

4) Start[edit | edit source]

You can review the output_log.txt to confirm which ones are loaded.

The following has three modlets being loaded:

2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.901 INF [MODS] Start loading
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.902 INF [MODS] Trying to load from Guppycur_BloodMoonTrickle
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.930 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Guppycur's BloodMoonTickle (1.0)
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.930 INF [MODS] Trying to load from SphereII_PG13
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.931 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: SphereII_PG13 (1.0.0)
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.931 INF [MODS] Trying to load from SphereII_RainUI
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.931 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: SphereII's RainUI (2)
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.931 INF [MODS] Initializing mod code
2018-11-26T21:51:46 1.931 INF [MODS] Loading done

The folder structure of the above log: