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Infected Police Officer

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal, Feral, Radiated
Entity-ID 16
Loot Container 17
Location Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes and Police Stations, any POI at higher gamestages


HP (Normal) 250
HP (Feral) 475
HP (Radiated) 902
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage 0.3
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

An Infected Police Officer is a special type of Zombie typically found in cities, suburbs, and wastelands, in addition to practically any POI at later gamestages. The ones found in Police Stations don't seem to respawn. They are known for having very high health, and their ability to destroy blocks with their acidic vomit.


Close up view

An Infected Police Officer is fairly easy to spot, as they are grotesquely disproportionate and wear a signature police uniform. They are incredibly bloated, and move very slow as a result, but the range of their acid can reach large distances.

Infected Police Officers are also noted for making disgusting burps and gurgles, as well as various 'puking' sounds when fighting players.

Once an Infected Police Officer reaches low health (noted from a faint rapid heart beat and wheezing sound), they will sprint towards the player in an attempt to take them down with him. If he reaches the player he will attempt to explode, dealing massive damage to blocks and almost always killing the player in the process if they are within range.

Combat[ | ]

Infected Police Officers are relatively slow, matching the average speed of a Bloated Walker. Also similarly at night, they run slightly slower than average zombies. Many can be encountered in the later Day 7 hordes as well as Screamer hordes.

Once they target a player, an Infected Police Officer will perform a gag reflex (some intervals range from 1 to 3 reflexes) before puking 4 globs of bile in the player's general direction. Initially this attack doesn't deal much damage to the player on contact, but when used consistently enough it can easily lead to death as well as destroy any structures and the ground around it. It's recommended to constantly keep moving or strafing in order to avoid the acidic vomit, all the while peppering them with gunshots or arrows.

When they are near death, an audible rapid heart beat will be heard and a pained groan whereas he will suddenly sprint towards the player in an attempt to kill them. If he gets close enough he will grasp his chest and explode, almost always resulting in the player's death and causing massive block damage to the surrounding area. Pay close attention to the movement of this zombie because in this mode he can sprint even in the daylight, so always try to kill them before they detonate. It should also be noted that if he enters this mode he will still attempt to sprint towards players behind walls and explode.

Keeping a large distance from this zombie is highly recommended, otherwise close-combat can lead to an explosion and the player's death.

When encountered in large groups of zombies, it is important to always prioritize killing Infected Police Officers first to minimize the damage they can cause to structures and players even from large distances.

Finally, if engaging in combat with this zombie make sure to stay away from any type of vehicle, because cars and other potentially explosive objects will detonate if they get splattered with his acidic vomit. An Infected Police Officer's vomit can be aimed in any direction if they have line of sight with the player, including through hatch doors or arrow slits, so staying behind safe cover to reload or avoid vomit is recommended. Explosives give excellent results against him, as he takes double damage from them, due to being volatile. (according to the game code) With this in mind, it may not be a bad idea to trick him into blowing himself up with a car or expendable vehicle (such as a Bike) by having him puke on it while he's in the blast radius.

While undetected, a single headshot while crouched from a Crossbow will kill him instantly and silently. This zombie will try to take you down with his puke constantly once he's spotted you, so it's recommended to stay away from him and try to find cover if he's already making puking sounds. The radiated Infected Police Officers seem to have a shotgun-like spread of his puke, rather than shooting multiple in one direction in quick succession. This makes them possibly the only radiated zombie to have another difference apart from the health regeneration.

Below is a list of the shots needed for each weapon to kill an infected police officer completely (without explosion). (Please note that these results have been researched with Fine-quality weapons)

The Flaming Arrows have been tested according to how many are needed to kill the zombie with burn time included.

In order to achieve this it's required to be fast and precise with each shot or they will explode in some cases.

Type of Weapon Number of headshots required
Crossbow 2
Wooden Bow (Stone arrows) 4
Wooden Bow (Iron arrows) 3
Wooden Bow (Steel arrows) 2
Wooden Bow (Flaming arrows) 2
Pistol 4
Sniper Rifle 1
Pump Shotgun 1
Sawed off Pump Shotgun 3
Hunting Rifle 2
44 Magnum 1

History[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Infected Police Officer does share some similar traits to the Boomer from the Left 4 Dead series.
  • This zombie has had some of the most model changes out of any zombie, with at least four. Originally, they looked similar to the pictures above, then in Alpha 13 they were changed to have more pronounced teeth on the left side of their mouth, almost like buck teeth. In Alpha 16 (Possibly 15, I'm not sure) they were changed to look more radiated, with the spots on their belly removed and their skin made green. In Alpha 17, however, they were reverted back to their A13 texture, with slight changes, such as the buck teeth being removed, a trait carried over from the A16 model. Alpha 20 updated the model more recently, as well.
  • The HD model of the Zombie Police officer appears to still have a holstered revolver. It is not usable by the player at all. Oddly enough, real police officers (especially metropolitan police) in the United States use Glocks. This may be an artistic oversight
  • When they explode, their body parts will always be in the same pattern, their head will go flying hundreds of blocks into the sky, only to come down and bounce around a few times. Interestingly, their hat simply falls into the bloody pile of flesh that they become, rather than being launched with the head.
    • The model for their "gibs" when they explode was not updated in Alpha 20, thus resulting in an Infected Police Officer exploding and his disassembled parts reverting to the previous model. Their exploded gibs appear to have been updated in Alpha 21, however.

Video Guide[ | ]