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Infected Police Officer

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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type
Entity-ID 16
Loot Container
Location Wastelands and Day 7 hordes


HP (Normal)
HP (Feral)
HP (Radiated)
HP (Legendary)
Entity Damage
Block Damage 0.3
Crit Ratio

An Infected Police Officer is a type of Zombie. He is one of the strongest zombies in the game and usually only spawns in City biomes, and wasteland biomes. He will also spawn in the Day 7 hordes.

The Infected Police Officer's appearance is completely deformed and he is the only zombie that can "puke" radioactive acid, probably because of a mutation that has developed in his body because of the nuclear war. The acid is a ranged splash attack and will damage several blocks at once. This attack can also damage players, so watch out if you hear this zombie starting to make puking sounds!

When the Infected Police Officer is low on health, he will run at full speed towards the player, even in daylight, and attempt to explode near the player. This explosion will almost always kill players, so if you see this zombie running towards you, take him down FAST.


If you manage to kill this zombie without making it explode, you can find Ammunition, Weapons and/or Old Sham Sandwiches as well as assembled weapons, weapon schematics, and food when looting his corpse.


While undetected, a headshot while crouched from a Crossbow will kill him instantly and silently. This zombie will try to take you down with his puke constantly once he's spotted you, so it's recommended to stay away from him and try to find cover if he's already making puking sounds.

Melee attacks aren't recommended, since this zombie will attempt to explode when close to the player after taking enough damage.

If you engage combat with this zombie, make sure you stay away from any type of cars, because cars and other explosive objects will go off and kill you if they get sprayed with his acidic vomit.

When encountered in large groups of zombies, it is important to always take down Infected Police Officers first to minimize the damage they can do to structures and players even from a range.

Below is a list of the shots needed for each weapon to kill an infected police officer completely (without explosion). (Please note that these results have been researched with Fine-quality weapons)

The Flaming Arrows have been tested according to how many are needed to kill the zombie with burn time included.

Type of Weapon Number of headshots required
Crossbow 2
Wooden Bow (Stone arrows) 4
Wooden Bow (Iron arrows) 3
Wooden Bow (Steel arrows) 2
Wooden Bow (Flaming arrows) 2
Pistol 4
Sniper Rifle 1
Pump Shotgun 1
Sawed off Pump Shotgun 3
Hunting Rifle 2
44 Magnum 1

In order to achieve this it's required to be fast and precise with each shot or he will explode in some cases.