The Infected Policeman is a rare zombie found mostly in cities and during the 7 Day Horde Night.


Infected Policeman is a rare zombie usually found in large cities (Gravestown and Perishton) and during the 7 Day Horde Night.

This zombie is unique in that it primarily uses a ranged attack with splash damage. The Infected Policeman will fire three of these ranged attacks in succession then attempt to get closer to the player. This cycle will continue until the Infected Policeman is killed or explodes.

The ranged attack can also damage low-level blocks, such as Old Wood and Reinforced Wood Blocks. On longer horde nights the splash damage can wear down these blocks around the player. It is recommended that any elevated blocks the player stands on are upgraded as much as possible.

If the Infected Policeman is low on health and not killed immediately, it will often explode causing a large amount of area damage. If this zombie explodes, no loot will be dropped. As this zombie is only one with a ranged attack, its recommended players prioritize killing the Infected Policeman first, then continue killing the other zombies.


If the Infected Policeman doesn't explode, it's loot will often consist of ranged weapons, ranged weapon parts, ammunition, weapon schematics, and Old Sham Sandwichs.

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