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Inventory in 7 Days to Die represents the backpack space available for carrying items. Understanding how to manage and utilize Inventory efficiently is essential for survival and success in the post-apocalyptic world of the game.

Overview[ | ]

Inventory refers to the carrying space of a character's backpack. It is separate from the Toolbelt as well as from the worn items viewable in the Character Window.

Inventory A21

Viewing Inventory[ | ]

Inventory can be viewed as part of several UI windows, including the Character Window, the Crafting Window, and other windows when using a workstation or looting a container.

Inventory is displayed as a grid of 5 rows of inventory slots, with 9 slots in each row. At the start of the game, only the first 3 rows of Inventory slots are open, which visually reminds the player of their Carrying Capacity. The remaining slots can still be used, but the Encumbered status will occur if the total number of slots containing items exceeds the Carrying Capacity.

Usage[ | ]

Items that are collected from the environment or are obtained while Harvesting are added to the character's Inventory. If all available Inventory slots are full, items are instead added to the Toolbelt.

Using shift-leftclick on an item in the Inventory will attempt to move that item to a container, if one is open, or otherwise to the Toolbelt. Likewise, shift-leftclick on an item in the Toolbelt or in an open container will attempt to move that item into the character's Inventory. To discard an item, simply hold leftclick and drag it out of Inventory, releasing it back into the game world.

On the Inventory panel bar, there is also: a Sort Container button, a Lock Slots button, and a Currency display.

Sort Container[ | ]

Selecting the Sort Container button will attempt to autosort all of the items in the inventory, but ignoring the contents of any locked item slots.

Locking Slots[ | ]

The number on the Inventory bar can be set using the left and right arrows, which will lock that specified number of inventory slots. These locked slots will not be moved when using the Sort Container icon.

Currency[ | ]

The number of Duke's Casino Tokens you are currently carrying.

Increasing Inventory Space[ | ]

At the start of a new game, Carrying Capacity is set to 27. There are several ways to increase Carrying Capacity, including the use of Pocket Mods (such as Clothing Pocket Mod or Armor Pocket Mod) or investing skill points in the Pack Mule perk.

Dropping the Backpack[ | ]

When a character dies in 7 Days to Die, they may drop items as determined by the server Drop on Death Game Settings. By default, all items including those worn, on the Toolbelt, or in the Inventory are dropped on character death. All items are dropped into a lootable Backpack that is placed at the location of the character's death.