“The sledgehammer is one of the best weapons for cracking skulls with a better chance to score a critical blow.”


The Iron Sledgehammer is tool and weapon that can be crafted or found through scavenging in 7 Days to Die. When used, the Iron Sledgehammer consumes a large amount of stamina but has a greater chance to critically hit.

This item can only be crafted after the player has found and read the Sledgehammer Schematic.

Blunt Trauma

“You have blunt force trauma.”

Blunt Trauma is a negative status effect that can be caused by zombies and most "club" type weapons. This status effect will stun the target for one second.

The following weapons can cause the Blunt Trauma status effect:

Sprained Leg

“Your leg is sprained and slowing you down. You should craft and apply a splint to heal it.”

This weapon has a chance to debuff enemies with Sprained Leg. This debuff reduces movement speed by 20% and lasts for 40 minutes of game-time.


“You are stunned”

This weapon has a chance to stun enemies for four seconds. Enemies cannot be stunned for three seconds after being stunned.


The Sledgehammer Schematic must be read first before the player can craft the Iron Sledgehammer.

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